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Real name : Park Re Ah
Date of birth : February 11th, 1982
Physique : 160cm, 45kg
Education : Department of Popular Music, Dongdeok Women’s University
Hobby : Talking on phone
Talents : Writing songs and lyrics, playing the piano


Hwayobi is a female vocalist with a powerful voice. It is no exaggeration to call her the diva of Korean R&B music as she has a voice of great compass and full resonance. Hwayobi is famous for her live performances in which she overwhelms the audience with her powerful and appealing voice. She has released 5 regular albums and a few specials so far, mainly performing live rather than appearing on broadcast shows.

Hwayobi spent her childhood dreaming of becoming a pianist. However, she first listened to Mariah Carey’s music when she was in junior high school and just fell in love with soul and R&B music. She practiced singing by herself and later on became the winner of the grand prize on a talent show on local radio. She was in her second year of high school at that time. That led Hwayobi to become a professional singer. Even before she released her debut album, Hwayobi was already in the media spotlight. By participating in other singers’ albums, like Park Hyo-shin, and by singing various songs used in television dramas, Hwayobi made many pop music lovers curious about who she was. She finally released her first official album in 2000 under the title of “My All”. The title song of the album “Lie” was a great hit.

After she entered the Department of Popular Music at Dongdeok Women’s University, Hwayobi released her second album, which also was a success. What was more impressive about her second album was that she wrote 5 of the songs by herself. While leading her life as a student, she had steadily maintained her singing career..

In 2007, Hwayobi underwent major vocal surgery after suffering from vocal cord cyst – a truly frightening experience for any professional singer. But the perky R&B diva bounced back, making a stunning stage comeback with her sixth album Sunshine. Flaunting her sexy figure and hardened mindset, the singer exuded her signature soul and acoustic sounds while exploring other musical territories like electronica, delivering an album that emitted a broad spectrum of colors. This bold move was orchestrated by Lee Sang Joon, the hit-making producer who made stars out of popular artists like Buzz, Kim Kyung Ho, Maybee, Han Kyung Il, and Park Hyo Shin. The principal song Namja neun mo reun da (“Men Don’t Know” – Track 3) instantaneously draws the listeners to its hook-ridden melody and heart-piercing lyrics that beautifully display Hwayobi’s vast vocal range. Her fans can rest assured that the star hasn’t lost her bewitching touch.

Hwayobi returns with her latest mini album. In 2008 the R&B singer received an additional boost through her collaboration with Fly To The Sky member Hwanhee in the TV program “We Got Married”. Now she is back on the music scene presenting six tracks including her self-penned “One Half” (Track 3), which revolves around a desperate woman in love. Another highlight of this release is “Let’s Fall in Love” (Track 2), a collaboration that features Hareem on harmonica and rap by hip-hop group Supreme Team. Hwayobi’s mini album is rounded off with This Is Love for which she collaborated with international producer Gary Haase (Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, N Sync).


* My All (1st album, 2000) : Lie, Crazy Love, Promise, Thorns, Always

* Nineteen Plus One (2nd album, 2001) : Destiny, Tears, I Need Your Love, Forever, Fly Fly, All For Your Love, Seraph

* Because I Love You (3rd album, 2002) : How Are You, It’s Alright, On & On, Give Me Your Mind, If, Change

* Soul Saver (4th album, 2004) : Any Time, I Count the Kisses With You, Dandelion, Dryflower, Winter Butterfly, I’ll Be Your Fool, Maze

* (5th album, 2006) : Going Round and Round, A Butterfly that Flies Over the Desert, Eternally, I’m Already Gone, Flames, 5 Scene, Missin’ You

* Sunshine (6th album, 2008) : Something, I Love You, Men Don’t Know, Dilemma, It looks fool, Even a step, Fly Away, Thank You, Flow then stop (Feat. Untouchable), Long Kiss Good Night (Feat. SuHo), Something I want to forget, I don’t want to lie

* This Is Love (Mini album, 2009) : This is Love, Let’s Love feat Supreme Team, Half, Don’t Trust Love, Bad Lady, Half (Acoustic ver.)

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