New albums and singles preview 2009 - March week 3

Son Dam Bi Vol. 1 – Type B (March 27)
01 Saturday Night
02 No Sympathy
03 Even If It’s the Second Time
04 Forget It Slowly
05 Bad Boy (Remix)
06 Crazy (Remix)
07 Let’s Stop
08 Invisible Person
09 Twice Too Many Time
10 Saturday Night (Inst)

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Son Dambi, who came in with a bang in 2008 with the hit track Crazy, has finally released her debut album, Type B, this spring. Before this, Son had been releasing single after single, leaving her fans thirsty for more. The title track is Saturday Night, which has retro sounds of the 80s where listeners can feel the bokgo style. The song was composed by the Brave Brothers, who were also responsible for Crazy. The 80s synthesizer and drum source were created to bring out this feel. Another song worth mentioning is Even If It’s the Second Time, which was penned by Loveholic’s vocalist and now soloist, Jisun. This has a 80s French pop feel to it. Lastly, Forget It Slowly is a ballad number which was accompanied by a 30-member orchestra.





2AM – Time For Confession (released)
01 Friend’s Confession
02 Lost
03 Though I Initially Turn My Back On You
04 Friend’s Confession (Inst)
05 Lost (Inst)
06 Though I Initially Turn My Back On You (Inst)

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Last year, 2AM has released their debut track This Song, which captured the feelings of Korea’s males. This year they return with their second single, Time For Confession. The title track is Friend’s Confession, which Asia’s top producer, Park Jin Young, composed and labeled as the “manliest ballad”. This album’s theme basically situates around a male’s true feelings. There are a total of three tracks which will showcase 2AM’s musical talents.





YB Vol. 8 – Co-existance (March 25)
01 Millimicron Bomb
02 Losing Game By 880,000
03 Flag
04 Still You
05 Letter
06 No Regrets
07 Non-existance
08 Fish and Bicycle
09 Talk to Me
10 Stay Alive
11 Dreaming Girl Two
12 Mom’s Song

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YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) release their 8th album, Co-existance, after 2 years and 7 months. This album will be based on various problems in society. The song Flag is about the tragic incident in Yong San regarding the apartment relocation, while Losing Game By 880,000 is about young people getting laid off.  Fish and Bicycle, on the other hand, is about the hardships students face due to tough competition; these are just a few of the societal problems YB portray though this album. The title track is Still You, which will be a ballad track, different from their usual styles. There will be string accompaniment and guitar sounds to bring out the sadness of the number.






Other releases:


Various Artists – F4 Special Edition (released)

Bijou (single) – Bye Bye Bye (released)

World Aid – Live Vol. 1: World & I (March 24)

Marco – Premium Edition (March 24)

Ninesin Vol. 1 – The Death, We Will Face (March 25)

Lune Vol. 1 – Absinthe (March 25)

Free Style Vol. 6 – Dryness (March 25)

Park Jung Eun Vol. 2 – She Is Real (March 26)

Sang Sang Band – Acoustic Diary (March 27)



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