Can you believe it’s been 11 years since we first visited SOOMPITOWN?? Here we are, older and… older 😛

SOOMPI has been a ton of fun and tears over the years – much love to everyone old and new.

I’m happy to say that I’ve never been as excited about the future of SOOMPI and our faithful community as I am now, and that this coming year is going to be BIG for us. As you (hopefully) read in my STATE OF THE UNION: SOOMPI EDITION, SOOMPI has gone legit, and we plan on bringing you great new features to our site, as well as making what we already have more intuitive and easier to use.

If you are interested in what’s going on, all current FRIEND OF SOOMPI’s will be invited to participate in a closed BETA-testing of the new site as it comes together. How can I get involved?? Easy! How to become an FOS here»

You can also support us by doing what you already do (shopping online) by using our affiliate links for Amazon (US and Canada), iTunes, YesAsia, and YesStyle. As we’ve said before, the downturn of the economy has really hurt us in terms of ad revenue (our only source of income), so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Pimping ourselves aside, SOOMPI members are the greatest! We have SOOMPI MEETS happening all over the world, including Seoul, Los Angeles, Northern California, Oregon, Calgary, NYC, Midwest, Toronto, Atlanta, Sydney, Netherlands, Boston, DC/MD/VA, Vancouver, Houston, London, Oklahoma City, Michigan, Dallas/Fort Worth, Melbourne — if you didn’t get a shoutout or link, send me your SOOMPI MEET thread! 😀

Our peeps also meet up around a specific event or purpose: Hollywood Bowl, Sydney Photographers, D.C Cherry Blossom Festival, Rain Concert in Thailand, and more!

Check out the awesome FANSIGNS our members sent in <3 <3 <3

Special thanks to our intrepid MORI for always hooking us up with awesome birthday graphics!!

BTW – if you want to be in the LOOP, add our official FACEBOOK page, or follow us in TWITTER (soompi)- woooot!

<3 soomp

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