New albums and singles preview 2009 – March week 4

K.Will (mini-album) – Dropping The Tears (April 3)
K.Will mini
01 The Present
02 One Tear Drop Per Second (feat Dynamic Duo)
03 Dropping the Tears
04 Girl Meets Love (with SNSD Tiffany)
05 Shopping
06 Love 119 (feat. MC Mong)
07 Dropping the Tears Inst
08 Girl Meets Love Inst

K.Will, who received much love with Love 119, has returned with a new mini album which includes songs composed by Korea’s top composers, Kim Do Hoon, Park Chang Hyun, Kwon Tae Eun, and Lee Hyun Seung. In addition, K.Will also worked with Tiffany of SNSD and Dynamic Duo. The title track, Dropping The Tear, is a sad ballad which showcases K.Will’s more mature voice. The music video features Yuri of SNSD, stirring much interest on the internet. Yuri plays the role of Cinderella. Besides the title track, another number worth mentioning is a pop ballad track, Girl Meets Love, which is a duet with Tiffany of SNSD.





Zi-A (mini-album) – Orchestra (April 2)
01 Yet
02 Feel Like Exploding
03 Love Point
04 (feat. Jang Geunee)
05 Crazy With Love
06 Breaking Up With a Text
07 Words I Can’t Send
08 Yet Piano Ver
09 Crazy With Love Piano Ver

Zi-A, who made her debut in the ballad music scene and gained much fame for her heavenly voice, returns with a mini-album, Orchestra, to match the spring season. With three albums under her belt, she is no longer a rookie singer. The title track is Feel Like Exploding, which was composed by Park Jung Wook, who is famous for the Bad Love drama series soundtrack. Kim Hye Sun penned the lyrics about heart-wrenching love which anyone can relate to. Another song worth mentioning is Yet, which was composed by Korea’s representative composer, Jo Young Soo, and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung. It has a lyrical melody with orchestral accompaniment. 





Epik High – Map The Soul (released)
01 Believe
02 Cipher (feat Beatbox DJ)
03 Map the Soul (Feat MYK)
04 Customer Service (Skit)
05 Top Gun
06 Scenario (Persecution Mania pt.2) (feat. MYK)
07 London
08 Free Music (Tablo and MYK)
09 Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) (feat. Tablo, MYK & Kero One)
10 8 By 8, Pt. 2 (feat. MYK, Minos, Paloalto, The Quiett, Verbal Jint, Kebee, E-Sens & Simon Dominic)

Epik High, who is known for distinct and original music, has returned once again with an album-book combination (book album) titled Map the Soul.  The album itself has full hip-hop sounds with poetical lyrics while the book portion includes photos and notes from the beginning to the end. The book includes both Korean and English, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy. There are a total of 10 tracks in the album and the title song is Map the Soul. It features MYK and Kero One and it portrays love, nature, and trust. It brings out the question: “What do we really need in life?”





Big Bang & 21 (single) – Lollipop (released)
01 Lollipop

New YG 4-member female group 21 (Two Anyone) finally debuts with a digital single Lollipop, a collaboration number with Big Bang. The four members are Sandara Park, who gained much popularity in the Philippines, Park Bom who did a commercial with Lee Hyori, Gong Minji, the granddaughter of Gong Ok Jin, and CL, who is known for singing, rap, and dance. Together, 21 has the potential and skills of Big Bang themselves. Lollipop is a fun number with retro sounds and an easy melody one can groove to. Like the distinct colors of lollipops, the song brings out the flavors of Big Bang and the “female Big Bang”. The song will be used for the LG Cyon commercials.





Tiffany (SNSD) (single) – By Myself (released)
01 By Myself
02 By Myself (Inst)

Tiffany of idol group SNSD takes part in a soundtrack for the first time through the SBS drama series, Princess JaMyungGo. Titled By Myself, the song was composed by Lee Sang Joon, who wrote other hit numbers including Buzz’s The Heart Controls Love and TaeYeon’s Can You Hear Me, and was written by Lee Jae Kyung. Through this song, Tiffany is able to show herself not as a member of Girls’ Generation, but as a young lady.





Other releases:


Deez Vol. 1 – Envy Me (released)

Waw Vol. 1 – Woman Project Season 1 (released)

Chu Ka Yeol Vol. 3 – Hapiness (released)

Madmoiselle – Madmoiselle (released)

Woo Soon Sik Vol. 1 -잃어버린 우산 (April 2)

Mudskipper Vol. 1 – 경포대 가는 길 (April 2)

Watercolor Vol. 3 – River Runs (April 3)


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