New albums and singles preview 2009 - April week 1

Jo Sung Mo Vol. 7 – Second Half (April 10)
01 That Person
02 Story
03 Sugar
04 The Road to You (feat. J)
05 My Favor Is to Treat Her Well
06 My Song For You
07 I Was Happy (trumpet feat. Lee Joo Han)
08 Love’s History
09 I Was Hurt
10 Transistor (My Old Friend)
11 I Love You
12 Sugar (Mad Soul Child Remix)

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Heavenly voice Jo Sung Mo, who has captured the hearts of many, is coming back. Korea’s top hit-makers, including Kim Hyung Suk, Yoon Jong Shin, and Mad Soul Child, have come together to help produce this album. The concept is “things that touch people” and like the album title suggests, Jo Sung Mo shows another side of him, turning a bit away from solely ballads. Included in the album are different genres such as modern rock, neo-punk, and electronica house. Also in the album are two remake numbers, My Favor Is To Treat Her Well and I Love You. The first is a remake of Now’s single in his debut album while the latter is a CCM penned by a pastor.





Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) – Mars, Venus (April 10)
01 Mars, Venus – SS501 Kim Hyung Joon (feat. Miso)
02 Secret Goldfish – Miru
03Tonight – Two B

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Kim Hyung Joon, the youngest of the members of idol group SS501, takes part in this project single album, this time as a solo singer. Composer Minuka, who has taken part in the albums of Eru, UN, Jang Nara, Kim Hyun Jung, and Paran, is responsible for producing this single as well. The title track is Mars, Venus, and rookie singer Miso takes part in this duet number. As one can see from the title of the song, the lyrics are about the complications and problems that occur between a loving couple. Through this single, Kim Hyung Joon hopes to show a more mature and manly image of himself. In addition to Kim’s song is an electronica track, Secret Goldfish by Miru, known for the album Go to the Hospital, and Tonight, a Euro dance track by rookie singer, Two B.





SHINee (single) – Bodyguard (released)
01 Bodyguard

SHINee, who won the rookie award in 2008, has released a new single, titled Bodyguard, for Anycall’s Bodyguard phone.  The music drama will star the Kim Bum and Kim So Eun couple of the popular drama series, Boys Over Flowers. The song was composed by hitmaker Lee Jae Myung and the lyrics are about protecting a loved on at all times.





Wheesung & Han Seung Yeon (Kara) (single) – Why Did You Come To My House (released)
01 Miracle – Han Seung Yun (Kara)
02 Rain Drop (with G.Gorilla) – Wheesung

Wheesung and Han Seung Yun of Kara participate in two love songs for the movie, Why Did You Come To My House. This digital single was made to congratulate director Hwang Soo Ah for his debut as a movie director. Wheesung sings Rain Drop, which was composed by him and penned by G.Gorilla, who was part of Eve and currently in the band Sprinkler. It is a medium-tempo ballad with acoustic sounds. Miracle, sung by Han Seung Yun, was composed by Lee Min Soo and penned by Kim Ina, who were also responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’ LOVE and My Style. Han’s cute voice matches well with the beautiful melody of the medium-tempo bossa nova number.





Bae Sul Gi (single) – Big Show (released)
01 Intro
02 Tiresome
03 DJ (feat. Mabuse)
04 Come to Me
05 Be My Person (with Brian)
06 Tiresome (Inst)

Base Seul Gi, who is playing the main character Shi Yeon in the Hollywood film Finale, has not forgotten her music career and her fans.  Bae, who has shown a bright side of her through tracks such as One By One, Come Closer, releases a mini album 1.5 years since her last album. Titled the Big Show, this album is for the fans and once again has gone through another transformation with a new concept. The title track is Tiresome and it was composed by the famous Brave Brothers. This dance track has trendy sounds with the use of synthesizers. Ha Joo Yeon of Jewelry helps out by taking part in the rap portion of the track.





Other releases:


Chun Ji Vol. 1 – Time Goes Away (released)

Kim Chang Hoon – The Love (released)

Yoo Chae Young – Another Decade (released)

Namolla Family Vol. 2 – Try Again 2009 (released)

Jumper (single) – 눈이부셔 (released)

Hong Soon Dal Quartet – My One And Only Love (April 6)

Park Ra Won – My Secret (April 6)

Spacecowboy – Zero-Gravity (April 7) 

Chung Lim – Step (April 7)

Hwang Bo Ryung Vol. 3 – Shines In The Dark (April 9)

Oh Ji Eun Vol. 2 – Ji Eun (April 9)

AJ Vol. 1 – First Episode A New Hero (April 9)

Burn My Bridges – Diehard (April 10)

Cain & Abel OST Vol. 2 (April 10)



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