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Name : Lee Hyun
Position in 8eight : Leader / Male vocalist
Birthday : November 8th, 1983

Name Baek Chan
Position in 8eight : Rapper / Male vocalist
Birthday : December 9th, 1984

Name : Ju-hee
Position in 8eight : Female vocalist
Birthday : March 10th, 1984

For this week, we have the three-member R&B group 8eight. This group was named like that to show that their passion and potential for music is infinite, because the figure “8” on its side resembles the sign for infinity. They are the winners of MBC’s Show Vival, a talent search program on TV, wowing the audience with their exceptional vocal talents. The title song “I Sing After Losing Love” from their first album swept major music charts, but they suddenly stopped appearing on music shows. The self-imposed hiatus was to hone their musical abilities even more and get further involved in all phases of album production, from composing and writing lyrics to designing the album jacket and producing music videos. They also have been dubbed as the Korean Black Eyed Peas due to the style and showmanship that have been shown.

After releasing two albums, 8eight have come back with their third album "Golden Age", delighting fans once again. This time, they have roped in SoHee of Wonder Girls to act in their music video and it has created a buzz in the music scene.



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* The First (1st album, 2007-08-27) : I Sing After Losing Love, Can I Love, We Shouldn’t Love, Come Back, I Can Hear Memories, etc.

* Music Is My Life Part 2 (Digital single, 2007-11-04) : I Can Hear Memories

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* Infinity (2nd album, 2008-03-18) : Let Me Go, I Love You, Somethin’ Somethin’, One Love, In the Morning, Here She Comes, etc.

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* Golden Age (3rd album, 2009-03-10 ) : The Light Of My Life (Intro), Poor Sunflower, Don’t Endure, Without A Heart, The Sadness Is Now Enough, Numbers, Can’t Stop, You Said You Loved Me, Meeting, Freedom

Soompi Thread : HERE
Watch : My Heart is Gone [Music Video] [Performance]

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