New albums and singles preview 2009 – April week 2

Younha Vol. 3 – Peace, Love & Ice Cream: Part. A (April 16)
01 Peace Love & Ice Cream
02 Black Rain
03 Break Out
04 1,2,3
05 She Is
06 I Love You
07 Luv U Luv U Luv U
08 My Song And…(Korean Ver)
09 1,2,3 (Inst)
10 I Love You (Inst)

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Younha, who has been having steady sales ever since her debut with at least 50,000 sales per volume, has returned with Part A of her third album. This album incorporates various genres for easy listening from pop, ballad, dance, to modern rock. There are a total of ten tracks and Younha took part in playing the piano and the synthesizer during the recording of the songs. The first track is Peace Love & Ice Cream, which has acoustic sounds with beautiful melodies accompanied by Younha’s soft vocals. The number 1,2,3, on the other hand, has pop sounds along with brass and percussion accompaniment. Break Out is a powerful track with LA metal rock sounds. I Love You is a ballad, whereas Luv U Luv U Luv U is a retro dance track. A bonus song is My Song And…, which is sung in Korean.

Namolla Family Vol. 2 – Try Again (released)
01 Don’t Call Me On the Phone (feat. Tae In)
02 Don’t Know a Girl’s Heart (feat. Who Reh)
03 Like a Lie (feat. Yoo Shin Hye)
04 Make Love (feat. Kim Kyung Rok)
05 Sugarbaby (feat. Cha Yeo Wul)
06 To Be Tricked and Tricked by Love (feat. Chun Ja)
07 Push and Pull (feat. Gong Bo Kyung)
08 You’re My Future (feat. Tae In)
09 Lose Love (feat. Kang Hye Jung)
10 Don’t Call Me On the Phone Inst
11 I Only Want to See You (feat. Tae In)
12 Diary (feat. Tae In)
13 Whisper (feat. Bubble Sisters)
14 Love Man and Woman (feat. Tae In)
15 Good Morning (feat. Tae In)
16 Sorry (feat. Tae In)
17 Love Is That Easy (feat. Tae In)
18 Even If I Hold On (feat. Baek Ji Young)
19 To Boram (feat. Baek Boram, MJ)
20 My Love Romance (feat. Tae In)

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Namolla Family Over Flowers!

Namolla Family have returned with their second album, with track, Don’t Call Me On the Phone.

Last year, Namolla Family released their third and fourth digital singles, “Love Is That Easy” and “Even If I Hold On” and received love from fans. This April, they have come back with their second studio album. With hits every time they release new material, the group is put to test once again. This album features various artistes such as Tae In, Chun Ja, Bae Chi Gi, and VOS Kim Kyung Rok and in the case of Kim Kyung Rok, he also took part in composing and writing a song, showing his friendship with the group.

After School (single) – Diva (released)
01 Diva
02 Diva (Inst)

In January, rookie group After School hit the stage with their debut single with skills and the stage presence of a veteran group. This April, they have come back with a new single titled Diva. In addition, the 5-member group has also gained a new member. The song was composed and penned by hitmaker, the Brave Brothers, who have done songs for Big Bang, SE7EN, Son Dambi and many other artists. Diva has hip hop and electronica sounds and it’s very easy to sing along to.

Solbi (single) – Love Escort (released)
01 Love Escort

Solbi released a new love story, Love Escort, on Thursday. It was composed by Kim Sejin and Suh Jung Jin. It is a medium-tempo number with a swing feel to it. This song has an acoustic feel to it along with the use of synthesizers. This song is about the cute feelings of a girl who has fallen in love. The song will be aired on MBC’s Everyone Channel this month.

Kang Kyun Sung & Nicole (Kara) (single) – Happy And (released)
01 Happy And
02 Happy And (Inst)

Kang Kyun Sung of Noel and Nicole of Kara have come together for this single, titled Happy And. Kang, who has a clean and attractive voice, and Nicole, who has much charm, serenade about lovers who have much faith about reuniting. This song with acoustic sounds will appeal to many.

Other releases:

Sunday – Revolution 1980 (released)

Gk Huni G Vol. 1 – Primitiveading (released)

Stone Jazz – The Beyonders (released)

Lee Min Ho (single) – Extreme (released)

Various Artists – Rhapsody 2009 (April 13)

The Canvas Vol. 1 – A Trip (April 15)

Ed Lama Vol. 2 – Space Dreamer (April 15)

Hookah White Vol. 1 – Retrofire (April 16)

Hajel – I’m Too Sexy (April 16)

Yurisangja Vol. 10.5 – Don’t Worry, Be Happy (April 16)

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