New albums and singles preview 2009 - April week 3

2PM – 2:00pm Time For Change (April 24)
01 What Time Is It Now
02 Again & Again
03 I Hate You
04 I Might Not Come Back
05 Again & Again (R&B Mix)
06 Again & Again (Inst)
07 I Hate You (Inst)
08 I Might Not Come Back (Inst)

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2PM have shown daring and exceptional dance and music with their first single, 10 Out of 10, changing the scope of boy bands. They have returned this month with their new single, 2:00PM Time For Change. There are a total of eight tracks, including an intro, What Time Is It Now, and title track, Again and Again. Once again, Asia’s top composer, Park Jin Young (JYP) produced this album as well as composed the title number. Again and Again is a dance track that incorporates bass rhythm and electronic synth instruments. It involves dance, song, b-boying, bodybuilding, and acrobatic dance moves. To spice things up, Vlado Meller, known as the genius of mastering, and Brian Stanley took part in mastering and mixing.





Evan – Sense & Sensibility (released)
01 My Head and Heart Are Fighting
02 Boy Fighting Against Time
03 At the End of the World
04 Echo
05 At the End of the World (Inst)
06 My Head and Heart Are Fighting (Inst)

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Evan returns this spring after releasing hit ballads Men are Also Helpless and It’s Okay If You Cry. Titled Sense and Sensibility, this new album includes songs that only Evan can master. The title track is My Head and Heart are Fighting, a bold ballad number. It was composed by Anders Bergstrom / Jesper Jakobsson and it was penned by Evan himself. The song starts off with beautiful piano melodies followed by Evan’s vocals. Another track worth mentioning is At the End of the World, which was composed by Jung Jae Hyung and is about many young people going through the hardships of breakup; the sad melody matches well with the lyrics.





IU Vol. 1 – Growing Up (April 24)
01 To Look At
02 Boo
03 Poor Thing
04 A Dreamer
05 Every Sweet Thing
06 Missing Child
07 Not Me, But Four
08 You See…
09 Day of Graduation
10 Feel So Good
11 Ugly Duckling
12 To Look At (After Looking At)
13 Missing Child (Acoustic Ver)
14 You See… (Rock Ver)
15 Boo (Inst)
16 Poor Thing (Inst)

IU’s first album has bright and dynamic music. In addition, seeing love through the eyes of a teenage girl is perfect for IU. There are a total of 16 tracks, with the title track being Boo. It is a lively bokgo song with retro sounds of the 80s, composed by the famous Han Sang Won, who also wrote Wanted’s Don’t Go Don’t Go Don’t Go and VOS’s Park Ji Hyon’s On The Days I Miss You. The word “Boo” is derived from the English meaning of a close friend of the opposite gender. Also included in the album are hit songs from her mini album, such as Ugly Duckling.





Lee Jun Ki – J Style (April 21)
01 J Style
02 Soliloquy
03 I’M Ready
04 Giving Tree
05 One Word Only
06 Don’t Know Love
07 Dumb Love
08 Soliloquy (Inst)

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Hallyu star Lee Junki releases his single album, J Style, in preparation for the large-scale fan concert, Episode 2. This album has top quality songs and Lee Junki joined hands with Korea’s top composer and producer Kim Hyung Suk. The title track is J Style, which was composed by Kim Hyung Suk and written by Yang Jae Sun, who were responsible for Shin Seung Hun’s I Believe. It is a powerful dance track with a punkish style. Soliloquy was composed and written by the same writers as J Style and it has a piano theme to it. This medium-tempo number has a drama/movie feel to it and it is thought to receive the most love from fans. I’m Ready has a rock feel to it with its upbeat tempo and it is perfect for a live concert. Giving Tree was composed by Kim Hyun Suk and penned by Lee Junki himself. It is the first time he has written lyrics to a song and it shows his thankful heart for his fans.





OJ (Oh Jong Hyuk) “He’s Story” Vol. 2 – Cry (April 23)
01 Without Knowing Already a Week
02 CRY
03 No Matter What
04 Like A Fool
05 Though I Want to Be Truthful
06 Give Me Your Love
07 We Be the One
08 Get Away
09 It’s Alright
10 Love Is Like This

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OJ, who was part of the idol group Click-B, has made a comeback with his second solo album, Cry. In 2007, he had released a single, a mini album in 2008, and had musical activities in 2008 and 2009. This year, he is to focus on ballads. Many famous artistes and composers have taken part in this album, including the Brave Brothers, Brown Eyed Soul, Wheesung, and The Name. The title track is CRY which is an easy-listening number. It was written based on OJ’s personal experience, as he is to leave his family, fans, and friends for the army.





Kim Jong Kook (single) – To Pick (released)
01 To Pick
02 To Pick (Inst)

Kim Jong Kook, who is versatile in many genres from dance in Turbo to ballads as a solo singer, shows another side of him through the trot genre. To Pick, which was a trot song that received much love and interest among fans at Kim Jong Kook’s solo concert, has finally been released as a single. This comical song is about a boy not being able to approach a girl he likes due to his shyness, and thus asks his friend to help out.





Other releases:


A’ST1 Vol. 1 – Dynamite (released)

Cinderella Man (MBC Drama) OST (April 20)

Jung Jae Hyung – 프롬나드, 느리게 걷다: 소품집 (April 20)

Baek Doo San – Return Of The King (April 21)

1984 – 청춘집중 (April 21)

Big Bang – Big Show: 2009 Live Concert (April 22)

Tacopy Vol. 5 – Que Sera Sera (April 22)

Azito Vol. 1 – Bam’vista (April 23)

Kim Hyung Joong Vol. 4 – Polaroid (April 23)

Mate Vol. 1 – Be Mate (April 24)


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