Artist of the week – Lim Chang Jung

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Date of birth : Nov. 30, 1973
Height : 175cm
Weight : 56kg
Blood Type : Type B
Hobbies : Playing golf and billiards, watching movies, listening to music, fishing
Talents : Song composition, playing sports
Nickname : Jack-of-all-trades, all-around entertainer
Habit : Roll around 20 times when getting up from bed
Favorite foods : Rice, pork
Married to professional golfer Kim Hyun-joo
Debuted as actor in the 1990 film “North Korean Partisan in South Korea.”
Debuted as singer in 1995 with first album “Already Toward Me”


For this week, we have the versatile and prolific singer and actor that is is unparalleled in talent and knack for entertaining both on screen and the stage. Although Lim Chang-jung debuted as an actor, he will be long remembered for his numerous hits, mostly love songs about heartaches and lost loves. Although he retired from singing after his last album in 2003 and focused on acting, Lim could not stay away from music altogether and at last took part in rapper JED’s first single “Showtime Project Vol.1” in a song titled “Lost in the Forest of Love”. Anyone who has heard the song will be impressed by his appealing voice and perfect interpretation. It is apparent that nothing was lost during his long hiatus. Perhaps this collaboration with JED is a harbinger of his comeback as a romantic songster.

He is popular in the past with songs such as Soju Han Jan and Seulpeun Honjatmal.

This year he makes a comeback on March 13. Lim Chang Jung, who is known for many hits including “Already Came to Me” and “Back to That Time”, has finally come back after 6 years, with his 11th studio album. After the release of “One Shot of Soju” in 2003, Lim had left his music career temporarily, leaving many fans thirsty for more. Because of this long hiatus, lots of thought and effort were put into the 12 beautiful songs in the album. Seven of the songs, including “Sad Fate”, “I Miss Those Days”, and “The Name In My Heart” were penned by Lim himself. In addition famous musicians Yoo Gun, Lee Ssang, and composers Hwang Sung Jeh and Jwang Chan Hee took part in the album. The title track is “It’s Been A Long Time”, which was composed by Lee Dong Won, who also wrote the previous hit “One Shot of Soju”. This well-made ballad number is about a man who has reunited with his lover, but sadly has trouble approaching her. Another number to watch out for is “To Hyun Joo”, which Lim wrote for his wife, golf player Hyun Joo, promising his lasting love for her.

He also collaborated with JED a ballad singer, for this year after a collaboration from the last one.

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* Already Toward Me (1st album, 1995) : I Can’t Help But Remember You, Already Toward You, To J, Ya Ya Boo Boo, Truth Like a Lie, Blue Party, etc.

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* A Sole Parting (2nd album, 1996) : Change of Heart, Tears of Longing, On Wet Street, Sole Parting, You Inside of Me, Proposal of a Winner, Thirst, To a Girl, etc.

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* Again (3rd album, 1997-05-16) : Summer Dream, Once Again, Marry Me, I Will Protect You, Sad Love Song, Trust Me, etc.

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* Became a Star (4th album, 1998) : Dances with a Wolf, Azalea, Show Me, In My Arms, Became a Star, Can You Understand, etc.

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* Love Affair (5th album, 1999): Love Affair, Chance, Iris, Gone with the Wind, Wish, With You, In, Fate, I Know, I Still Believe, etc.

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* White (6th album, 2000) : Jazz, My Beloved, Smile Again, Happy Us, Despair, My Friend and Boyfriend, I Know, Why Not I Don’t Care, Freedom in You, etc.

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* www.Love.7th (7th album, 2000-11) :, You Are Here Too, Cruel You, You Are Like Me, Please Don’t You Lose, I Don’t Know Why, Graduation, etc.

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* Different Color (8th album, 2001-07) : Parting in August, Real Love, Regret, Legend of the Fall, Reason for Waiting, Parting, Solace, I Miss You, etc.

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* C. J. 2002 (9th album, 2002-05-07) : No Choice, Sad Soliloquy, Love Punch, Sending You Away, One Day, Leave Me, Move, Profile, etc.

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* BYE (10th album, 2003-06-06) : Misunderstanding, A Shot of Soju, Why, I Have a Lover, Bye, Advice, I Wish to be Near You, etc.

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* Return To My World (11th album, 2009-03-12) :

Watch : 오랜만이야 (It’s Been A Long Time) [MUSIC VIDEO] [PERFORMANCE]

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