New albums and singles preview 2009 - April week 4

SG Wannabe Vol. 6 – Gift From SG Wannabe (released)
01 I Love You feat. Yurisangja Park Seung Hwa
02 Trickling
03 My Love, Crybaby
04 Dragon’s Tears
05 Jealous of That Person feat. MJ
06 My Love Next To Me
07 …Lucky
08 There Is No Time Validity in Love
09 Backward Love
10 Coward
11 It’s a Lie

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Three-member male group SG Wannabe make a comeback with their 6th album after 13 months. Ever since their debut album, the group has been successful with hit after hit, with songs such as Timeless, Crime and Punishment, My Person, Arirang, and Lalala. The title track for this album is I Love You, which was composed by Jo Young Soo. It will resemble the styles of pop duo Simon and Garfunkel, the same group SG Wannabe’s name was created after.





Kim Hyung Joong Vol. 4 – Polaroid (released)
01 Prologue
02 Snowman On One Summer Day feat Park Hyo Shin
03 Today’s Luck
04 Side Seat
05 Air Mail
06 I Like It Because It’s Spring
07 Polaroid
08 Every Morning
09 Nap
10 It Must Be Like This
11 Epilogue
12 Today’s Luck (Inst)

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Kim Hyung Joong comes back with his fourth album, Polaroid, after three years. Korea’s top singer-songwriters such as Lee Juck, W&Whale, Peppertones, and Kang Hyun Min (Loveholic) have taken part in producing the album. Polaroid is to have lots of bright melodies and sounds. The title track is Today’s Luck, which is a medium-tempo ballad with Kim’s sweet voice and great melodies, and is certain to be an instant hit. Actress Lee Da Hae is to take part in the music video for the song. Another song worth noting is Snowman on One Summer Day, which features Park Hyo Shin; it incorporates the concept of staccato.





Park Ji Yoon Vol. 7 – Flower, First Time Again (released)
01 Hello
02 Between Spring and Summer
03 In a Faded Memory
04 April 16th
05 He’s Like a Flower
06 Sleep Talking
07 Spring Snow
08 You Just Need to Come Back
09 It’s Okay

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Park Ji Yoon transforms from a hot, sexy star to a tranquil artiste with her new album, Flower, First Time Again. It’s been six years since her last album, something fans have been long waiting for. There are two title tracks in the album: “Between Spring and Summer” and “In a Faded Memory”. The first track was composed and written by Park Ji Yoon herself and is to be more preferred by female listeners. The later track was composed and penned by Dear Cloud’s Yong Rin, which is thought to be more enjoyable for the male audience. “Between Spring and Summer” is about the regret a person feels as she erases her love as she watches the light, shadows, and raindrops. “In a Faded Memory”, on the other hand, is about the sadness one feels as the memories, even the bad ones, feel like nothing as time passes by.





Cinderella Man (MBC Drama) OST (released)
01 Because She Seemed Like My Person – Shin Seung Hun
02 Can’t Say I Love You – Ock Joo Hyun
03 Good Person – T-ara
04 Lover – Lee Jung Min
05 I Like You – Black Pearl
06 Good Person Ver. 2 – Black Pearl
07 Because She Seemed Like My Person (Inst)
08 Can’t Say I Love You (Inst)

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Talented singers have come together to sing for the soundtrack of the MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama series Cinderella Man, which stars SNSD’s Yoona, Kwon Sang Woo, and Han Eun Jung. Shin Seung Hun is to sing Because She Seemed Like My Person, which is for the love theme, while Ock Joo Hyun is to sing Can’t Say I Love You, which will be the title track. The former song is a ballad while the latter will have strong beats and tempo.





Lee Soo Young (single) – I’m Going to Erase It (released)
01 I’m Going to Erase It
02 I’m Going to Erase It (Inst)

This year, female singers have won the hearts of many fans through music, entertainment, and dramas. Therefore, there is to be a project, titled 2009 No. 1 Diva’s Love, which will include songs by Korea’s female divas. The first representative is Lee Soo Young with the song I’m Going to Erase It. This ballad number is about trying to forget one’s past love after a breakup.





Hwang Bo (single) – Words I Can’t Trust (released)
01 Words I Can’t Trust
02 Words I Can’t Trust (Inst)

Hwangbo’s ballad single, Words I Can’t Trust, has finally been released! One can feel the singer’s heart through her more mature look and voice. The song is about the hardship a person endures as she learns to accept the harsh reality of a breakup with a loved one. The song was composed and penned by STAY (Shin Tae Yoon) and arranged by smooth jazz musician Heo Suk, giving a unique feel to it.





Other releases:


Ran (single) – This Is Ran (released)

H-Eugene (single) – 사랑인가봐 (released)

Kim Jong Hwan – Special (April 27)

Answer Vol. 1 – Rising (April 27)

Gogo Star Vol. 1 – Last Show (April 29)

Rare And Blasta – Truman Show (May 1)



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