New albums and singles preview 2009 - May week 3

Super Junior Vol. 3: C Version (released)
01 Sorry, Sorry
02 She Wants It
03 It’s You
04 Love Disease
05 Love U More
06 Why I Like You
07 Let’s Not
08 Angela
09 Reset
10 Monster
11 What If
12 Heartquake feat. DBSG Micky & U-Know
13 Club No. 1 feat. Lee Yeonhee
14 Happy Together
15 Dead At Heart
16 Shining Star

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This month, Super Junior are to release a C version of their third album, Sorry Sorry. Their new promotional track is It’s You, which will follow their previous hit, Sorry, Sorry. There are four new tracks, making it a total of 16. It’s You is a dance track composed by E-TRIBE. It has an acoustic feel with R&B and bokgo Euro techno sounds. Thus, the performance is expected to be very energetic. Also included in the album is Love U More, a medium-tempo pop number, which was composed by Ryeowook and penned by Sungmin. Through this song, we are able to see another side of the boys. The third new track is She Wants It, which is a dance track, while Love Disease is a medium-tempo pop R&B number written by Wheesung.





Tae Goon mini-album Vol. 2 – Rising Star (released)
01 Intro feat. Hee Suk of Space Cowboy & Kim Yuh Hee
02 Super Star feat. Nassun
03 Bye Bye
04 As Insignificant as You
05 Call Me (Remix) feat. H-Eugene

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Taegoon returns to the music scene as a super star. Taegoon debuted with “Call Me” and caused the entire nation to do the Call Me dance. Now, he has returned with a more powerful manly song, “Super Star.” The song was composed by Song Bong Jo and EJ Show, and was penned by Wheesung. It was said that when Taegoon first recorded this song, the lyrics “my song, my dances, my charms, my future” caused tears to well up in his eyes because they made him think of the hardship he had endured in training. The song is of the groove electro synth dance genre. Also included in the song is Nassun’s rap, which will add a dramatic effect.





Na Yoon Kwon Vol. 2.5 – To Collide (May 19)
01 Old Letter
02 Shadow
03 Time For One Cup of Coffee
04 Heartbeat Sound
05 Shadow (Inst Ver)

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Na Yoon Kwon, who debuted in 2004, has released his 2.5 album after signing for a new company. Over his 5-year career, Na has released 2 studio albums, 2 single albums, and participated in drama soundtracks and compilation albums. The title track of this new album is Shadow, a soulful track composed and penned by veteran singer Yoon Jong Shin. Also included in the album are Old Letter and Time for One Cup of Coffee.





Tei (single) – I Miss You (released)
01 I Miss You
02 I Miss You (Guitar Ver)
03 I Miss You (Violin Ver)

Tei returns with a digital single, I Miss You, a remake of veteran Suh Ji Won’s song. Tei shows his own color and charms in this number. The song incorporates many instruments, including drums, the acoustic guitar, piano, and a 24-member orchestra.





Other releases:


Pink Elephant – Mayday (released)

Pigibit5 – Pigibit5 (released)

The Plastic Day – 30 Seconds Between The Dreamer And The Realist (released)

The Blue (mini-album) – The Blue, The First Memories (released)

Brazilian Taco Vol. 1 – Urban Night Phapsody (released)

Fighting Daddy Vol. 2 – 청춘 (released)

Yozoh & Kim Jin Pyo (single) – Color Of Pink (released)

DJ Shine (single) – Right Round (released)

Suh Young Eun (single) – 숨바꼭질 (released)

In Soon Yi Vol. 17 – In Soon Yi (May 17)

Kim Dong Ryul – 2008 Concert Monolouge (May 18)

Jowall – 네가 이곳에서 보게 될 것들 (May 20)

Jang Doo Suk Vol. 2.5 – Choice (May 20)

Alice In Neverland – Festa In Neverland (May 21)

Pudditorium Vol. 1 – Episode: 이별 (May 21)

Hanuna – 마네킹 (May 22)



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