New albums and singles preview 2009 - May week 5

Koyote Special Album – Jumping (released)
01 Intro
02 Ah! Really
03 Nonsense
04 More!
05 He’s a Really Bad Guy
06 Even If it Hurts and is Hurting
07 Go Go
08 Only You
09 Eve’s Warning (Remake)
10 I’m Sorry feat. Woo Jae of Typhoon

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Koyote, one of Korea’s best mixed dance groups, jumps into summer with a brand new album! With member Kim Jong Min serving in the military, Shinji and Bbaek Ga return to fans without replacing Kim with a new member. It has been three years since Koyote’s last 9.5 album. Rather than this being a 10th album, it will be a special album for fans. The title track is Nonsense, which was composed by hit-makers Kim Do Hun and Kim Sejin. This dance track has house rhythms and incorporates trendy synthesizer sounds. Other songs worth mentioning are Only You, which includes Kim Jong Min’s voice, and Eve’s Warning, which is a remake.





V.O.S Vol. 3.5 – Routine Free (released)
01 Big Trouble
02 Cry
03 Rather Just Scold Me
04 To Luv… (feat. 2PM Jae Bum)

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VOS, Korea’s representative ballad group, finally return with their 3.5 album, Routine Free, this summer. The title track is Big Trouble, which was composed by Korea’s best hit-maker, Jo Young Soo, and penned by Kang Eun Kyung. The lyrics are to bring tears to listeners’ eyes. The song is about a one-sided love and the distress and uneasiness one feels when not being able to confess one’s feelings.





Kim Gun Mo Vol. 12 – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (released)
01 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
02 I Love You (House Re-Mix Edition)
03 Around When (R&B Mix Edition)
04 Excuse (Electro House Club Remix)
05 Love is Leaving (Electro House Club Remix)
06 You’re a Friend I’m a Lover (Club House Remix)
07 Family (2009 Remix)
08 One Day (Re-Mastering Edition)
09 Wrongful Meeting (2009 Re-Mastering Edition)
10 Excuse (2009 Re-Mastering Version)
11 After Meeting You (2009 Re-Mastering Version)
12 Beautiful Breakup (2009 Re-Mastering Version)
13 Solo Love (2009 Re-Mastering Version)

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During this hard economic crisis, Kim Gun Mo brings hope through his album and song “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. At a time like this, as a singer, the best thing he can do is give others hope through music.  This song has reggae sounds and just listening to it would allow listeners to imagine a bright sun shining above. The other songs included are remixes of past hits such as Wrongful Meeting and Love Is Leaving.





Kim Jong Wook Vol. 2 – One Fine Day (released)
01 If You Pretend feat. Kang Min Kyung
02 Confess
03 I Must Love You
04  Toxic
05 You’re mine (feat. Jordan)
06 Girl’s Heart
07 In Front of Her

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Recently, Kim had been busy singing for MBC’s We Got Married’s theme song “Only You” and “Opposed Fate” with SG Wannabe. But he finally makes a comeback after a year with a duet, If You Pretend, which features Kang Min Kyung of Davichi. The song is a dance number which has some reggae sounds, along with a summery cute feel to it. Kang not only took part in the song but the choreography as well.





Hwa Yobi (single) – 2009 No. 1 Diva Love: Once (released)
01 Once
02 Once (Inst)

R&B Hwayobi also takes part in the 2009 No. 1 Diva’s Love project as the second guest. The single is Once, which is a sad song about a person trying to forget one’s past love. Hwayobi penned the lyrics herself. This single follows Lee Soo Young’s I’m Going to Erase It.





Other releases:


Vanilla City Vol. 1 – Jump (released)

Dx Vol. 1 – 바보니까요 (released)

Outsider Vol. 2 – Maestro (June 1)

Blee Vol. 1 – Solution (June 2)

Golden Boy Training Academy – The Training Day Vol. 1 (June 2)

No Ho Hyun Vol. 1 – Birdeye Beauty (June 3)

Beige Vol. 1.5 – Xoxo (June 3)

Crispynote – Crispynote (June 4)

Super Kidd – Music Show: Special (June 5)

Pennylane Vol. 1 – The Outer Circle (June 5)


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