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Name : Kim Jin-ho (lead vocal)
Date of birth : May 21, 1986
Blood type : Type B
Height : 176cm
Weight : 68kg
Family : Mother (Father passed away)
Hobby : Writing songs/lyric , Photography
Favourites Artist : Stevie Wonder

Name : Kim Yong-jun (vocal)
Date of birth : Sep. 12, 1984
Blood type : Type AB
Height : 174cm
Weight : 64kg
Hobbies : Working out, watching movies
Talent: Singing
Favorite colors : Pink, white, yellow
Favorite musician : Eric Bennett, Usher

Name : Lee Seok-hoon (vocal)
Date of birth : Feb. 21, 1984
Height : 178cm
Weight : 66kg
Blood type : Type B
Hobbies : Listening to music, singing
Zodiac sign : Pisces

SG Wannabe was so named to pay tribute to their favorite musicians Simon and Garfunkel. Like their name, this trio of young musicians showcased emotionally rich and resonant vocals not often found in other singers of their age. Catchy melodies of their songs and their exceptional musical talent propelled them to stardom, making them the most successful model of Korean-style R&B group. This trio debuted in 2004 with their song, "Timeless".

The group quickly became popular and the song, along with the music video, was played on cellular phones all over Korea, and their album topped the charts. Unlike other groups, SG Wannabe decided to abstain from promoting their music initially, declining to appear on music shows or in their own videos; they have stated that they wish their audience will care more about the music, rather than the appearance.

The trio experimented with Korean traditional musical instruments in their fourth album, “The Sentimental Chord”, to popularize the crossover style. They again attempted to broaden their musical scope with “La La La”, the title song of their fifth album, which takes after the American country style. However, the most noticeable change in the fifth album will be new member Lee Seok-hoon, who has replaced Chae Dong-ha, the team’s leader.

Chae decided to seek a solo career after his contract with the agency expired. SG Wannabe fans are already eagerly looking forward to what kind of new elements Lee will add to the group. After a year, SG Wannabe, Korea’s top vocal group, return in 2009 for their very much-expected sixth album. They just released their J-pop album and have also kept a low profile in Korea since their fifth album, but they are ready to mesmerize K-pop fans all over again with their soulful voices and 11 brand-new songs.

At this point, they made a point by going back to basics and back to their music inspiration, Simon & Garfunkel. Their hard work for a cleaner folk pop sound can be heard in the beautiful main track "I Love You". This Simon & Garfunkel-style number featuring Yurisangja’s Park Soon Ha is the work of Jo Yong Su, who composed many of SG Wannabe’s hits like Arirang.

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* Wanna Be (1st album, 2004-01-20) : Timeless, I Want to Love, Taboo, Young Love, Don’t Know Why, I Believe, But, etc.

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* Saldaga (2nd album, 2005-03-23) : Crime and Punishment, Season of Parting, Insanity, 24 Hour, Thank You, Tenderness, etc.

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* The 3rd Masterpiece (3rd album, 2006-04-08) : Partner for Life, Slowpoke, Love Song, Run, Wedding, Cactus, I’m Sorry, Untouchable, etc.

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* The Sentimental Chord (4th album, 2007-04-06) : Arirang, A Midsummer Day’s Dream, Thorn Bird, I Love You, Father’s Shoes, Stay, Good-bye Love, etc.

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* My Friend (5th album, 2008-04-24) : La La La, Because I Love You, I Miss You, Kiss, Melody, How to Love, Hello, Happy!, etc.

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* Gift From Sg Wannabe (6th album, 2009-04-27) : I Love You [Feat. Yurisangja Park Seung Hwa], Trickling, My Love, Crybaby, Dragon’s Tears, Jealous of That Person [Feat. MJ], My Love Next To Me, …Lucky, There is No Time Validity in Love, Backward Love, Coward, It’s a Lie


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