New albums and singles preview 2009 – June week 4

SNSD mini-album Vol. 2 – Tell Me Your Wish (June 29)
01 Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
02 Etude
03 Girlfriend
04 Boyfriend
05 My Child
06 One Year Later

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SNSD who started the ‘Gee Syndrome’ earlier this year has returned with their second mini album with the title track Tell Me Your Wish. This song was composed by hit composer Yoo Young Jin, Yoo Han Jin, as well as ‘Dsign Music’ a European composing team. It is a trendy dance number with a bright message. The song is perfect to listen to when you are feeling down or are busy with life as SNSD will be your genie, giving you energy and vitality.





Drunken Tiger Vol. 8 – Feel Good Muzik: The 8th Wonder (June 29)
01 [Feel Good Side] Feel Good Music
02 Jet Pack (Korean Version) [feat. Sef Cobane, Bizzy]
03 Magic (Work Plus Work is 3,2,1) [feat. Ann]
04 Congratulations [feat. Suh Jo Dan]/ 05. Don’t Cry [feat. Jin Bo]
05 Number Games
06 Skit [Crazy for Music Loptimist is Staying Up Tonight As Well]
07 True Romance [feat. T]
08 Doo Doo Doo Wap Ba Ba Ru [feat. Jungsshin, Sun]
09 Guitar Missing the 6th String/11/ Superfine (Step Aside)
10 Hip-Hop Craft/13. Question [feat. Ann]

01 [Feel Hood Side] Monster [Korean Ver.]
02 I Won’t Die Before I Die (What U Want) [feat. Bizzy, Palo Alto]
03 Rebel Music
04 Look At My Eyes [feat. Bizzy,Ydg, Jung In]
05 Frequency
06 Freaky Deaky Superstar [feat. Jungsshin, Sun]
07 To Rub [feat. Bizzy, Palo A lot, Yanggang, 1kyne, Samad]
08 Die Legend 2 [feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2]
09 Jet Pack (English ver.) [feat. Stylistic Jones, Zeebra, Sef Cobane]
10 Rest in Peace (Question) [Feat. Ann]
11 Three Kingz [feat Roscoe Umail, Stylistic Jones]
12 Partner [feat. Palo Alto]
13 Crying In Grief Sound [feat. Sean2slow, Bizzy, Palo Alto, Double K, Dok2]
14 Monster (English Ver) [feat. Rakim, Rakka(Of Dilated People), Roscoe Umail, T]

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Drunken Tiger had debuted in 1999 with Year of the Tiger, making history in Korea’s hip-hop movement. After ten years, Drunken Tiger releases their 8th album, titled Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder. This two disc, 27 track album has two sides to it. The first side, “Feel Good Side” is more easy going with hip-hop music charms while the second side, Feel Hood Side” shows hip-hop mania only Drunken Tiger can bring out. Another special part of this album is that many famous hip-hop musicians have participated in the songs. Such artists include American hip-hop artist, Rakim, Dilated People’s Rakka, Japan representing, Zeebra, and last but not least, Korea’s best hip-hop crew members of the Movement.





Wax Vol. 8 – Always You (July 2)
01 Intro
02 Stump of a Pencil
03 In The End, It’s You
04 What Is Love
05 Gold Miss Diary
06 Even If the Rain Stops [feat. Amen]
07 Showing Off My Man
08 Missing You
09 Chiki Chiki
10 Period of Circulation
11 I Won’t Cry
12 Can’t You Not Even Give Me One Call (Bonus Track)

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Wax makes a comeback after a year with her 8th album, Always You. The title track is In the End It’s You, which is a dance track that has a ballad melody with strong house beats. The song is catchy with easy lyrics, thus a very possible summer hit.





T.O.P & Tae Yang (single) – Friend (released)
01 Friend

Big Bang meets fans with a drama soundtrack.

Big Bang who had been quite busy with activities in Japan have come to fans with a surprise drama ost. Starting from the 27th of this month, the drama “Friend” will aid on MBC-TV where this song, featuring TOP and Taeyang of Big Bang will air. The song was composed by Teddy and TOP and penned by TOP.





Other releases:


Ran & Subin (single) – Fairytale Love (released)

Vanilla Acoustic mini-album Vol. 2 – 두번째 비 (July 1)

Lazybone Vol. 4.5 – Dance Dance (July 1)

Vitality – V (July 1)

Romantic Punch (mini-album) – Romantic Punch (July 1)

Eugene Hwang Vol. 2 – Breeze (July 1)

Grinbi (mini-album) – Everything (July 2)

Rama Vol. 2 – Live For Today (July 2)

Unspoken Vol. 2 – Rainbow 7 (July 2)

Jjk Vol. 2 – 왕처럼 주인처럼 (July 2)

Artisan Beats & Minos – The Lost Files (July 2)


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