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Real name : Lee Ji-sun
Date of birth : November 18th, 1981
Physique : 165cm, 46kg
Education : Department of Electronic and Digital Music, Kyunggi University
Hobbies : Exercising, driving, playing computer games, playing pocket ball, bowling
Talents : Playing the piano, imitating other singers

Kim Jong-min
Date of birth : September 24th, 1979
Physique : 176cm, 62kg
Education : Department of German Language and Literature, Mokwon University
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, watching movies
Talents : Jazz dance

Real name : Baek Sung-hyun
Date of birth : May 14th, 1981
Physique : 186cm, 74kg
Education : Mokwon University
Talents : Snowboarding, playing the piano, dancing

For featured artist of this week, we have Koyote is a dance group made up of 3 members: Shinji, Kim Jong-min and Bbaekga. Koyote is loved for their cheerful and youthful image and dance music.
The group started out with members Cha Seung-min, Kim Koo and Shinji in 1999. However, after the release of its 2nd album, a member of the group was replaced. Kim Jong-min was recruited to take over the male vocals position formerly held by Cha Seung-min who had returned to the US.

Even with the new member, the group maintained its popularity with its 3rd album. However, when the band was wrapping up their promotional performances, Kim Koo was arrested on charges of illegal drug use. The band went on hiatus for a long period. Later in 2002, Koyote started performing as a duo, with remaining band members Shinji and Kim Jong-min. The response was surprisingly great. Later, Bbaekga joined the band as a rapper. So far, the band has released 8 full-length albums and is still enjoying success.

They back for 9th album on 2006. Koyote has gone through many transformation but still they don’t change their hit dance song. They still work with Joo Young Hoon and Jeon Jin Su as their produce. Shin Ji also wrote the track title I’ll Love Rock & Roll in this album. Bbaek Ga also contributed with the album concept and art where they been photographs by Bbaek Ga in London.

With the absence of male vocalist Kim Jong Min, who is currently serving his military service, Koyote released their 10th album. Shin Ji and Bbaek Ga act as producers for this album that have house dance as in Koyote’s signature style. They do not forget Kim Jong Min though, he made appearance on Only You. That track was released as digital single last year and it was recorded before he going he been enlisted.


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* Pure Love (1st album, 1998) : Pure Love, Forbidden Love, Encounter, Promise

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* Disappointed Love (2nd album, 1999) : Party Party, Touch Me, Disappointed Love, Endless Love, Cinema, Temptation

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* Passion (3rd album, 2000) : Rendez Vous, Passion, Dear My…, Blue, Pride

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* We Believe We are Heading for a Victory Once Again (4th album, 2002) : Sad Dream, Destiny, Over, Y Bobby, Happy Song, Loving You

* Emergency (5th album, 2003) : Emergency, Strangers, Plead, Stop, Day, All the Time

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* Koyote (6th album, 2004) : Line, Flames, Disco King, Drive, Time, Never, Unforgettable, Together, Moon Night

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* Rainbow (7th album, 2004) : Lover, Walking Slowly, Bingo, Rush, Hey Shy Boy, Happy Virus, Fool, I Love You

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* Feel Up (8th album, 2005) : 1,2,3,4, Like This, Rain is Heaven’s Tears, Tonight, Hurricane


* London Koyote (9th album, 2006) : I Love Rock & Roll, Play, Sweet, Big Smile, Unexpected Lovers, Love…ing, Blind Love

* Jumping (10th album, 2009) : Intro, Ah! Jeongmal, Nonsense, More!, Really Bad Guy, The Pain is Hurting, Go Go, Only You, Eve’s Warning(Remake), I’m Sorry (Feat. Woo Jae of Typhoon)

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