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Name: Park Ji-Hun
Date of birth: July 28th, 1978
Height: 173 cm
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Going for a drive, playing squash, playing music, playing computer games, playing ping-pong
Favorite foods: oysters, seafood, sashimi
Education: Woosong Information College, Practical Music Major

Name: Choi Hyun-joon
Date of birth: March 7th, 1981
Height: 179 cm
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Playing basketball, music, watching movies, playing piano, , snowboarding
Favorite foods: Samgyeopsal, pizza, sashimi, banana milk
Favorite musicians: Joe, Eric Benet, Stevie Wonder
Education: Daebool University, Music major
Solo debut: “My Angel” (single, 2007)

Name: Kim Kyung-rok
Date of birth: December 4th, 1983
Height: 179 cm
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Playing pool, going for a drive, playing video games
Favorite food: Korean
Favorite musicians: Park Hyo-shin, Westlife, Blue
Education: Donga University


For Soompi artist of this week, we featured V.O.S., the talented trio of South Korea. The name is acronym from Voice Of Soul and that we can hear from their singing. After a successful debut in 2004, with hits like “Is That Ok?” “For Someone Important” and “Look Into My Eyes and Say It,” the three-member R&B vocal group returned with a strong sophomore album in 2005. With the help of top song-writers and producers, the group received critical acclaim as bona fide musicians.
They also have solo activities releasing solo single, album and doing song-writing. Choi Hyun-joon released his first single “Na2jen” in collaboration with Monday Kiz’s Lee Jin-sung.
After a string of unforgettable hits like “Everyday”, “Please”, and Bogosipeun Nalen (“On Days I Miss You”), Park Ji Heon, Choi Hyun Joon, and Kim Kyung Rok return from their solo activities to reunite as V.O.S with their third release Wonderful Things. Filled with hopes and dreams, their new album features elaborate vocal techniques and scales, along with some amazing harmonies. The album’s principal song Beautiful Life features the vocals of Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo who also wrote the song’s lyrics. As a reminder to thank V.O.S for helping her train her vocals, Jewelry’s new addition Kim Eun Jung appears in the music video version of Beautiful Life wearing her very first white wedding gown. The group is embarking on their national tour as of April 2008 despite member Choi Hyun Joon’s recent eye injury which he got during rehearsal for a magic show for their earlier concert 2008 White Day V.O.S concert.
For this year 2009, they released a new mini album titled ‘Routine Free’ . .O.S score their first No. 1 song on the music chart with “Big Trouble”, running away from the competition to gain the top spot. V.O.S came close to hitting No. 1 previously with “Everyday Everyday” and “Beautiful Life”. They finally did it this time.This song was composed by Korea’s best hit-maker, Cho Young Soo, and penned by Kang Eun Kyung. The lyrics are to bring tears to listeners’ eyes. The song is about a one-sided love and the distress and uneasiness one feels when not being able to confess one’s feelings.

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* The Real (1st album, 2004-05-14) : I Don’t Know, I’ll Wait, Is That Ok?, Nothing To Change, For Someone Important, Look Into My Eyes and Say It, Shining Star, Loving Memories, You’re So Beautiful, Everything, For Someone Important (Inst.), Is That Ok? (Inst.)

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* Blue Castle (2nd album, 2005-11-24) : Time-Limit, In Order To Hide, The Reason for Breaking-Up, Look In My Eyes, As Always, Chase (feat. J.ho), Sweet Girl (Hyun-joon solo), Beautiful You, Unforgiven (feat. IMS), Sad Memories (Ji-hun solo), I Am, The First Time (feat. Kim Hee-sun), Please Remember

* NA2ZEN (2007-06-07) : I Need You (feat. Noblesse), Now I…(duet with Monday Kiz), Go Mad


* Wonderful Things (Vol.3, 2008) : No Matter What You Are, Beautiful Life (feat. Lee Minwoo), And You Call Yourself a Man, Half, The Most Exciting Party Time, Laugh and then Cry…, I’m Thankful Because it’s You…, Candy Girl, Two Loves, Victory and Beautiful Life (Concert Ver.)


* Routine Free (Vol. 3.5 Mini Album, 2009) : With U, In Trouble, I Cry, Instead Curse Me and To Luv… (Feat. 2PM JaeBeom)

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