New albums and singles preview 2009 - July week 2

Clazziquai Vol. 4 – Mucho Punk (July 14)
01 Chocolate Truffle
02 Kiss Kiss Kiss
03 Love Again
04 End of Love
05 Tell Yourself
06 Back In Time
07 Lazy Sunday Morning
08 Take a Walk
09 The Road
10 Spinning the World
11 Rapunzel
12 Wizard of Oz

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King of electronica, Clazziquai returns with their fourth album, Mucho Punk, 2 years since their last. This album which was produced by DJ Clazzi was influenced much by the movie, Nacho Libre. The songs are much more punkish, thus how the album got its name. The songs have a new wave punkish sound which makes the songs unique despite its electronica and poppish melodies. The title track is Kiss Kiss Kiss which has pop sounds that flows well with exciting house electronica melodies. The music video for the song features top model Jarah Mariano.





T-Max –Single Collection (July 13)
T-Max single collection
01 Ready O.K (Jun Be O.K)
02 Why Did You Do That
03 Tears Are Drying Up
04 Ready O.K (Jun Be O.K) Mr
05 Why Did You Do That Mr
06 Tears Are Drying Up Mr

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T-Max, known more recently for their song, Paradise for the popular drama series, Boys Over Flowers has returned with a special edition singles collection. Each of the members have participated in a solo track allowing them to show their own colors and styles. Ready OK sung by rapper Kim Jun. The song was composed by the famous Hwang Sung Jeh and penned by Kim Jun himself. Fans can hear his rap skills and see his charms. The song Why Did You Do That is sung by leader, Shin Min Chul, who also took part in composing the song himself. The song is about lovers who fight because of a misunderstanding, and thus this song is perfect for couples in this situation. The last song is sung by pretty boy, Park Yoon Hwa sings Tears Are Drying Up which was also composed and penned by Shin Min Chul. It is a sad tale about a man who breaks up with his girlfriend.





Norazo summer single (released)
01 Mackerel
02 I’m Sorry…I Love You

Norazo who was busy last year saving planet earth with their last single, Superman has returned this summer. In order to liven the summer spirit, the two songs in this single, Mackerel and I’m Sorry…I Love You have lots of energy with melodies that will catch people’s ears. The lyrics are also very fun to sing along to.





Other releases:


Han Eum Pa – Lonely Feeling (released)

Baek Ho – 1st mini-album (released)

LPG (single) – Jang Dong Gun Lee Hyori (released)

Crown J (single) – I’m Good (released)

Tae In (single) – Candy Girl (released)

Supreme Team – Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure (July 13)

Pinodyne – Pish (July 14)

Kimmaster Vol. 4 – Renaissance (July 14)

Tearliner mini-album – Embrace All (July 14)

Han Seung Ki Vo. 4 – 그 사람 무정한 사람 (July 15)

4one Vol. 1 – Musical (July 15)

Ra.d Vol. 2.5 – Realcollabo + Rmx (July 16)

Third Stone Vol. 2 – I’m Not A Blues Man (July 17)


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