New albums and singles preview 2009 - July week 4

MC Mong Vol. 5 – Humanimal (released)
01 Intro
02 Indian Boy (Feat. Jang Geun Ee, B.I)
03 RoBanJulAh (Juliet’s Father Who Disapproves of Romeo) Feat. Simon (of Dalmatian)
04 Even In Heaven, Jin Shil is…(Feat. Kim Hee Sun)
05 Butterfly Effect (Feat. SG Wannabe)
06 A Word That Is More Wonderful Than Love (Feat. Sook Hee)
07 Dalmatian Love
08 Lucky Man
09 About Love
10 Love You To Death 2 (Feat. Jo Sung Mo)
11 Little Sunshine (Feat. Jung In)
12 The Saddest Poem In The Whole Wide World (Feat. MAC)
13 LUV D.N.A (Feat. Navi)
14 Hottrack (Feat. B.S)
15 Outro

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MC Mong has finally returned with his awaited 5th album that has been a hot issue in Korea.

The Korean music industry in 2008 was flooded by MC Mong’s "Circus Syndrome" that became popular all over the country, ages ranging from teens to 40’s. What kind of music will MC Mong showcase this time? The people as well as the music industry are very curious as to what kind of music and style he’ll comeback with. The current music market has been changed to where the majority of the artistes release mostly digital singles and mini albums. However, MC Mong insisted on releasing a full album.

Overview: MC Mong released his 1st album "180 Degrees" in 2004 followed by his 2nd album "Invincible" in 2005, 3rd album "Ice Cream" in 2006 and 4th album "Circus" in 2008. He’s a powerful musician who brought many hit songs that made it into the music charts for each album. Everyone as well as the press are anticipating his 5th album comeback and wonders if he can pull a 5th homerun.

MC Mong’s 5th album is titled "Humanimal". It tells a story of ordinary people’s life from birth to death. What’s the reason behind combining the two words "Human" and "Animal"? Exactly how it’s written, it’s just two words combined together. The motto of this album is to express the sensibilities of humans and animals. While working on his 5th album, he made a conclusion that "humans and animals feel instinctively and the emotion that they think most importantly of is love". There is no exact definition to love. However, as long as people devote time in their own emotions, they will be able to communicate sincerely. There are a total of 15 tracks in this album that are filled with tracks on humanism and emotions, which is something everyone can sympathize with. This album was entirely produced, composed, written, arranged, mixed and mastered by MC Mong. Instead of following the current music trend, MC Mong shows his own clever ideas that only he can pull off.

Rap music that only MC Mong can pull off…
-Top Korean balladeers contributed to MC Mong’s 5th album!
-Songs that feature different singers are loved in today’s music industry. Since his debut in 2004 till now, MC Mong showed his skills in rap and brought us melody songs that featured various singers.
-Last year, many female singers contributed to his 4th album "Show’s Just Begun". This year, his 5th album will feature the best male balladeers!





Epik High x Planet Shiver – Remixing The Human Soul (released)
01 Fly Higher (Feat. Dh-Style)
02 Love Love Loveless (Feat. Yong Jin of Casker)
03 Breakdown The Wall
04 Abandoned Umbrella (Feat. Lisa)
05 1 Minute 1 Second, A Little Memory (Feat. Taru)
06 Fanatic
07 Back To The Future (Feat. Yankie)
08 You Are The One (Feat. Ho Ran Of Clazziquai)
09 High Skool Dropout
10 Remap The Soul (Feat. Myk)
11 Electric Gangster, Becoming A Third Person (Epik High + Jung Hyung Don) [Hidden Track]

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-This album is not just a simple remix album or a best album. The entire album was rearranged, re-recorded, remixed and remastered!
-Never ending passion and challenge, Epik High!

Epik High debuted in 2003 and is still loved by many today! Even without following the usual trends that seems to be on the rise in the recent music industry, Epik High is still well received and praised for their music. Together with indie label group "Map The Soul" and their website "", Epik High has left a big impression in the music market for establishing their own company and distributing their own albums. At the same time, they got together and worked with MYK, Planet Shiver and other talented indie musicians. They held great performances through their sold out "Map The Soul World Tour", which took place in Seoul, Japan, and the United States. This tour became a great start to their advancement in overseas. Many are looking forward to what kind of future projects Epik High will release next.

-Epik High x Planet Shiver [REMIXING THE HUMAN SOUL]

Epik High takes on another drastic challenge! Epik High and the electronic group Planet Shiver (made up of DJ Friz, Philtre and female member DH-Style) joined forces to release a remix album of Epik High’s hit songs. This album is not just a simple remix album or a best album. The entire album was rearranged, re-recorded, remixed and remastered.

-A complete recreation of new genres and titles!

The many hit songs that received great responses like "Fly", "Fan", "Love Love Love", "One" and "1 Minute 1 Second" have transformed into new genres like trance, electro, house, drum n bass and new age. These new genres will surely bring feverish excitement to music manias.





Kara Vol. 2 – Revolution (July 31)
01 Mister
02 Wanna
03 Magic
04 Secretly Secretly
05 Let It Go
06 Take A Bow
07 Aha
08 Same Heart
09 Wanna (Inst.)
10 Magic (Inst.)

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Kara released 2 mini albums earlier this year which included hit songs like "Pretty Girl" and "Honey". Kara is now back with their 2nd full album titled "Revolution". There are a total of 10 tracks, including the title track "Wanna", 7 new songs and an additional bonus track. Kara sheds off their cute image and returns with a more mature image. The title track "Wanna" was produced and composed by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, which is a pop dance track with a powerful beat and sound. It also has a wonderful chorus that brings out a tense feeling. The track "Mister", also produced  and composed by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, is a Euro-pop dance track that has a powerful electronic sound. A trendy medium-dance ballad track "Magic" showcases Kara’s matured vocals. It’s a very innocent and bubbly track with affectionate lyrics and beautiful melody. The instrumental was performed by a 20-member string orchestra giving a dramatic feel to the track.

In addition to these songs, there are many other great tracks like "Secretly Secretly", which has a bright and refreshing melody combined with sad lyrics; "Aha", which has a beautiful melody line combined with lovely lyrics; "Let It Go", a strong and refined pop-style track; and "Take A Bow", a cheerful and cool pop dance track. This album also includes the theme song "Same Heart" that was featured in a rhythmic game (I-musician) and instrumental tracks for "Wanna" and "Magic".





Other releases:


Apollo 18 – The Blue Album (released)

Kim Bum Soo & Shim Hyun Bo (single) – Color Of City (Blue) (released)

Bae Sul Gi & Namolla Family Babo Kim (single) – 무인도 (released)

Son Dam Bi & After School (single) – AMOLED (released)

Half Bros. – 오늘부터 우리는 (July 27)

Hourmelts – Meaningful Days (July 29)

P’skool – Daily Apartment (July 29)

Groovehouse – Memory (July 29)

Flying Girl’s – Girl’s Hot (July 30)

Serengeti Vol. 2 – Oasis (July 31)


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