New albums and singles preview 2009 - August week 1

Bada Vol. 4 – Look At Bada (August 7)
01 Intro
02 Yes I’m In Love (Feat. 2PM Taek Yeon)
03 Mad (Feat. Untouchable)
04 Afternoon Walk
05 Dilemma
06 Dance Mission
07 Woman Is Crying
08 Honey Honey
09 Generation Next
10 Smile, Candy
11 Reach Out
12 Mad (Feat. Untouchable) Special Rap Ver.
13 Me…(With Eugene) [Bonus Track] For CD Only

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-Bada is back with her 4th album after being on hiatus for 2 years.

After successfully promoting her 3rd album [Made in Sea] back in 2006, Bada advanced into doing musicals like "Notre Dame De Paris" and "200 Pounds Beauty" which were big hits. She even won an award for best actress at the "2009 Musical Awards". Having a successful career as a musical actress for the past two years, she has finally returned back as a singer. This album consists of synth-pop sounds that were popular in the 80s/90s and modern electronic sounds. Unlike her previous music styles, Bada is bringing back the bokgo sound. Half the songs on this album are trendy tunes that have been on the rise in the recent Korean music industry, blended with synth-pop sounds. The song “Yes I’m In Love” starts off with Bada’s powerful vocals and it also features 2PM’s Taek Yeon who brings more energy to the song. Another song “Mad” is a fresh and unique song that features Untouchable. Other songs such as “Dilemma” and Dance Mission” have synth-pop sounds which is the main theme for this album. In addition to these songs, we will be able to see a different charm to Bada through two ballad songs “Woman Is Crying” and “Smile, Candy”. There’s also a special duet song that features former SES member Eugene, which is a huge gift to SES fans who still waits for their return as a group. Many famous composers like Han Sang Won, Lee Sang Joon, Kim Sae Jin and Kim Jin Hwan have contributed to this album. Super diva, Bada will take over the second half of this year with her music!





Hwayobi (mini-album) – Summer (August 6)
01 Rose
02 Pygmalion Effect
03 Kiss Kiss Kiss
04 Both Of Us Are Doing It
05 Young Child
06 Rose (Inst.)

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Hwayobi received much love with her song “Half” from her mini album which was released last February. She is back with another mini album [SUMMER], which consists of up-tempo songs that are different from her usual R&B and ballad songs. Her title song “Rose” has a cheerful house rhythm along with an emotional melody line that was composed by Jeon Hae Sung. Lee Young Ki, who is the producer for this mini album complimented on Hwayobi’s amazing capability of turning any type of music into her own style. In addition to the title song, there are four other songs on this mini album which are, “Young Child”, a medium tempo R&B song composed by Park Sung Il; “Pygmalion Effect”, a cheerful house dance song composed by Yoon Young Joon; “Both Of Us Are Doing It”, a powerful song with an addicting melody; and “Kiss Kiss Kiss”, a cute hip-hop song composed by Hwang Sung Jae. This entire mini album is filled with trendy songs.





M To M (single) – 1004 (You Are My Destiny 2) (released)
01 1004 (You Are My Destiny 2) [Feat. Nassun]
02 1004 (You Are My Destiny 2) [Inst.]

M To M is well known for their perfect harmony. They are returning back to their fans with a new member replacing former member Son Joon Hyuk. The title song “1004 (You Are My Destiny 2) was composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Ahn Young Min. It also features Nassun who has received much love with his song “Come To Play”. This song is the second story of Haha’s song “You Are My Destiny”. Different from their usual music style, M To M will make this summer cool and fun with this dance song!





T-ara (single) – Lies (released)
01 Lies (Part.1)
02 Lies (Part.2)
03 Wanna Play?
04 Lies (Ballad Ver.)

T-ara officially debuts with their digital single “Lies”.

T-ara is a new six member girl group that is filled with talented girls who can sing, dance and act. Having been trained for three years, this group was ranked 1st in various portal sites when their profiles were revealed publically. The members consists of Ji Yeon, who made her first stage appearance with the project group “Women’s Generation”; Bo Ram, the daughter of singer Jeon Young Rok and actress Lee Mi Young; Eun Jung, who appeared in the movie “Go Sa”, drama “King And I”, SG Wannabe’s music video “Gashiri” and FT Island’s music video “Thunder”; Hyo Min, who appeared in SG Wannabe’s music video “A Neat Breakup” and FT Island’s music video “Heaven”; So Yeon, a winner from a song festival; and Qri, well known for her cute face. Their title song “Lies” was composed by Korea’s famous composer Jo Young Soo, which is a very addicting song that will keep people wanting for more. There are two versions of the title song “Lies”, a dance version and a ballad version. The dance version has a bokgo feel and electronic sound as oppose to the ballad version which has more of an acoustic sound to it. Different from the title song, the song “Wanna Play?” has more of a funky style to it. Way before their music video was revealed, the appearance of young actor Yoo Seung Ho was a hot topic amongst netizens. In the music video, Yoo Seung Ho shares six different love stories with the six group members.





Son Dam Bi & After School (single) – Amoled (released)
01 Amoled
02 Amoled (Inst.)

Samsung electronics, known for their branded entertainment marketing has revealed their fifth Anycall music project “Amoled”. This song is gaining much interest due to the fact that it’s sung by Son Dambi and After School, joining together as a project group. It is a very catchy and addicting song where the word “Amoled” is repeated throughout the song, which is a distinctive feature known as the “hook song”. The music video has Son Dambi and After School dancing behind colorful logos/graphics. Turning the index finger in a circular motion is the main dance movement shown in the music video. Just like the previous Anycall music video series like “Anymotion”, “Anyclub”, “Anystar” and “Anyband”, “Amoled” is expected to become an instant hit as well since the song follows the usual trendy tunes that are on the rise nowadays.





Bae Sul Gi & Namolla Family Babo Kim (single) – Deserted Island (released)
01 Deserted Island
02 Deserted Island (Inst.)

Bae Sul Gi and Namolla Family’s Babo Kim (Kim Kyung Wook)’s duet song is becoming a hot topic. The duet song “Deserted Island” starts off with Bae Seul Gi’s narration followed by Babo Kim’s rapping and singing. It is a very cheerful and speedy song that was composed by producer Lee Young Ki. The song is about a woman who takes her semi playboy boyfriend to a deserted island where there’s absolutely nothing except for the two of them. Without a TV and phone, the boyfriend has no other choice but to love his girlfriend.





Other releases:


Song Hong Sub Vol. 3 – Love You (released)

The Nuts (single) – 바다에 입맞춤 (released)

UMC Vol. 2 – One/Only (August 5)

Dirty Soundz Vol. 1 – It’s About Time (August 6)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver



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