Be Strong, Geum-Soon! [굳세어라 금순아]
Be Strong, Geum-Soon! [굳세어라 금순아]








Han Hye-Jin, Kang Ji-Hwan, Lee Min-Gi, Kim Seo-Hyeong, Yang Mi-Kyeong

Directed by:

Jang Geun-Soon

Produced by:

Lee Dae-Young (Farm Journals, For Love, Romance, Scent of Man)

Written by:

Lee Jeong-Seon (Happiness Everyday, Age of Innocence)

Dates Airing:

February 14, 2005 – September 30, 2005

Time Airing:

Monday – Friday 8:20 pm


163 episodes (30 minutes per episode)



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This is a delightful drama about a young widow, Geum-Soon (Han Hye-Jin), who meets many hardships in life but never gives up hope and love. Geum-Soon was raised by her grandma after her father died and mother left home, and she grows up to be a thoughtful and cheerful person, even though she is often clumsy and awkward. Her dream is to become a successful hairdresser and create a complete beauty line with her name on it. Her dreams were postponed however, when she became pregnant at a very young age, and her husband dies before the baby is even born. Geum-Soon’s fate seemed hopeless, but she steps up and raises her child with love and integrity, despite her circumstances, while at the same time trying her best to achieve her own dreams. One day she runs into the very successful but arrogant surgeon Goo Jae-Hee (Kang Ji-Hwan) and the two keep running into each other. Even though Geum-Soon continues to annoy Jae-Hee, he begins to develop romantic feelings for her. Meanwhile Jae-Hee has a suitor of his own, a very attractive and accomplished woman whose stepmother Young-Ok (Yang Mi-Kyeong) seems to believe Geum-Soon might be the daughter she abandoned…



This is a highly entertaining drama with lots of hilarious scenes, and towards the end there are plenty of touching scenes as well. Even though there are many interesting characters, the drama mainly focuses on Geum-Soon’s life and her character is just too loveable for words. Han Hye-Jin’s excellent acting brings the character of Geum-Soon fully to life and just a few episodes into the drama you will feel that you really know her and she could easily be a real-life person. Although Geum-Soon is on the surface a failure, you will soon discover how strong she is and her steadfast attitude might inspire you to push forward when life gets tough. Han Hye-Jin also has great chemistry with the male lead, Kang Ji-Hwan, whose character (Dr. Goo Jae-Hee) unwillingly but surely falls for Geum-Soon. Yang Mi-Kyeong, who plays a woman with a mysterious past is also great, and her character brings the ‘secret birth plot’ that is very prevalent in Korean dramas making this a classic Korean tale.




Graphic by: kiss the rain.
Edited by: jiejunwoo

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