Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건]

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys [꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건]

by: j00n

on: December 2, 2007 6:17pm




Gi-Beom, Choi Si-Won, Kim Young-Woon, Kim Hee-Chul, Lee Dong-Hae, Lee
Hyeok-Jae, Shin Dong-Hee, Kim Ryeo-Wook, Lee Seong-Min, Han Kyung, Kim
Jong-Woon, Park Jeong-Su(b), Super Junior

Directed by:

Lee Kwon

Written by:

Park Yeon-Seon


Comedy, Drama, Mystery




South Korea




81 min








the unusual attack on a school flower boy (heartthrob / pretty boys) on
February 14, the same attacks began to happen at different high schools
on every month of the same day. Rumors say that the next victims will
be at Neulparan High School. The studious student Kibum (stars Kim
Kibum) decides to investigate the matter, blogging all of the terror
events on the 14th of each month, causing the event to become a hot
topic within the student body. After several attacks, Kibum predicts
that the next victims will be Siwon (Choi Siwon), president of the
student body; Heechul (Kim Heechul), president of the dance club; and
Kangin (Kim Young-woon), the captain of the Judo Team.







mark SM Pictures first production they sure weren’t pulling any
punches. This movie featured the entire Super Junior group as the cast
of the movie. With a lot of hype building up around this movie, ticket
sales did much better than the 20% expected up around 41.19% in its
opening week. Of course this can be attributed to the fact that Super
Junior was the cast, but despite all the celebs the movie appeared to
push the storyline over the star studded cast.

comedy movies are often times a hit or a miss, and this film seemed to
be somewhere in the middle. I can’t say that the movie actually had me
laughing out loud at very many points but the slapstick nature of the
movie combined with sucessfully keeping us guessing on the perpretrator
had me watching to the end. Certainly what was surprising was the
natural ease and acting ability of the cast to really make me feel like
High School all over again. The characters were solid, and the
storyline while absurd and over-the-top was consistent and well pulled
off. I didn’t know who was the real perpretrator until the movie handed
you the answer. A movie like this would certainly be labeled as a “teen
movie” here in the States, but i think the dialog, characters, and
setting would have a wide appeal to the younger crowd.

movie at 81 minutes felt really short, and that’s not counting the 4-5
minute massive music video thing…at the end. At first glance this
movies seems to have very little in the way of social messaging but it
does poke fun at how obsessed Korean culture, and that of its youth,
are with celebrity status, or even just with the notion of popularity.
Ironic considering the cast and the film producer. Certainly this isn’t
a movie that could be considered high quality at all and the humor was
low brow, however for those fans of Super Junior they will definitely
want to see their first movie premiere and for sure they could have
done much worse. In a world of movies that try too hard to be
blockbusting hard core award winning movies (that end up failing
miserably) it’s refreshing to come across a movie that’s cohesive in
plot, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you.



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