Bad Family [불량가족]




Bool Ryang Ga Jook


Kim Myung Min, Nam Sang Mi, Hyun Young, Park Jin Woo, Im Hyun Shik

Directed by:

Yoo In-Shik [Bad Housewife]

Written by:

Lee Hee-Myung [Successful Story of a Bright Girl, My Fair Lady], Han Eun-Kyung

Dates Airing:

22 March 2006 till 11 May 2006

Time Airing:

Every Wednesday and Thursday @ 9.55pm





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Baek family meets with a fatal car accident, killing 7 members. Their
nine-year-old granddaughter, Baek Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo) is the sole
survivor. However, as a result of the accident, the young girl suffers
from amnesia and becomes withdrawn and incommunicative. In an attempt
to help her regain her memory, her uncle hires Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung
Min) to provide a fake family for Na Rim. More importantly, Na Rim is
the eyewitness to the accident, which might not have been one at all .

Dal Gun operates a company that supplies people for role-playing, in
order to help pay off debts that he owes to his former mafia gang. He
takes up the task of creating a fake family for Na Rim. Yang Ah (Nam
Sang Mi) works hard at the fish market to raise her three young
brothers. Unfortunately, Oh Dal Gun causes an accident that ruins her
livelihood and she goes after him for payment. By mistake or by fate,
she just drops in at the moment when Dal Gun needs a fake sister.

the new “family” is created. There is the dancing instructor Jang Hang
Gu (Im Hyun Shik) as the Grandfather, Mandoo ahjuma Park Bok Nyu (Yeo
Woon Kye) as the Grandmother, Coffee ahjuma Um Ji Sook (Keum Bo Ra) as
the Mother, timid debt collector ajushi Jo Gi Dong (Kang Nam Gil) as
the Father , and saloon boy Gong Min (Kim Hee Chul) as the Brother and
Yang Ah as the Sister. And to complete the family, Oh Dal Gun poses as
the second son of the Baek family. There are arguments and trouble in
this new Baek family yet there is also understanding, and romance is
blooming among the “family members”. They have gathered to help Na Rim
recover her memory, yet they have their own stories to reveal. And
there is Hyung Young as Ha Bu Kyung, the woman who is openly attracted
to Dal Gun, and Park Jin Woon as Ha Tae Kyung, a rich spoiled brat who
starts to develop an interest in Yang Ah.

dysfunctional Bad Family will definitely bring you laughter and tears
as you see how they bond together as a family. Once a family, always a


is a delightful comedy with an excellent cast, which makes it such an
entertaining drama to watch. The chemistry between Kim Myung Mi and Nam
Sang Mi makes it such a joy to watch them bickering with each other and
falling In love. Kim Myung Min taking on a comedic role was a surprise,
yet he proves once again he can deliver as Oh Dal Gun. Dal Gun is
always so stern with enforcing the family rules and making threats to
create family harmony, yet he is the one who is always out to protect
his family members. Falling in love with Yang Ah shows his gentle side,
but in a clumsy way.

Sang Mi is well cast in the role of Yang Ah, a spirited girl who never
hesitates to stand up for herself and her brothers. She doesn’t let Dal
Gun intimidate her with his loud threats, since she already knows he is
all just pretence. There is a sweet romance blooming between the
“uncle” and “niece” in the Baek Family.

what makes this drama such a pleasure to watch is the wonderful veteran
supporting cast: Im Hyun Shik, Yeo Woon Kye, Kang Nam Gil and Keum Bo
Ra. They make their characters come alive with such ease that you will
identify them by their roles instantly. The script also gives room for
them to display their talents, with ample time to let each family
member tell his or her story. This is a refreshing change, with a touch
of family drama element in a heartwarming, yet comical way. Hyung
Young, surprisingly, fits her role quite well, but Park Jin Woo seems
to be overacting.

Watch this if you are tired of the usual melodrama and want to watch a good comedy.



Did You Know?

  • Han Chae Young was initially the choice for the role of Yang Ah, but she declined the role and Nam Sang Mi was chosen .


  • cast infomation credited to contributors in Soompi’s Bad Family thread
  • title banner credits to phear.
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