My Girl [마이걸]

My Girl [마이걸]

Ma-Ee Geol
Lee Da-hae, Lee Dong-wook, Lee Jun-ki, Park Si-yeon
Directed by:
Jun Gi Sang [Delightful Girl Choon Hyang]
Produced by:
Bae Tae Seob/ Kim Yeong Seob
Written by:
Hong Jung Eun/ Hong Miran [Delightful Girl Choon Hyang]
Dates Airing:
14th December 2005 till 2nd February 2006
Time Airing:
Wednesday and Thursday @ 9.55 PM (Korea Time)
Romance Comedy
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Joo Yoo Rin, together with her father , lives on Cheju Island where she works as a tour guide. Her aim is to earn enough money to get a stable home for the two of them.  Sometimes , her father will get into trouble which need Yoo Rin to bail him out . But,  in spite of this, Yoo Rin live a happy life with her father and is always so cheerful and optimistic .  And Yoo Rin has a skilll of being able to create  harmless  lies as she will call them , just to make things done a bit faster or get herself out of trouble , .
Seoul Gong Chan  has a mission to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish , which is  to see his granddaughter for one last time . His grandfather had driven his own daughter out of the family years ago and now regret his deeds . Unfortuantely , Gong Chan’s aunt had died in an earthquake in Japan,  but she has a daughter , whose fate is still uncertain if she perish in the same earthquake . With his grandfather growing weaker, Gong Chan search for news of his cousin remain furtile.  Not till he met Yoo Rin , then did he found a solution , Gong Chan, decided to ask Yoo Rin to pose as his cousin . Not only her remseblance  to her aunt make her such an ideal choice , but also he witnessed before , her skills and capability  to lie with conviction, which is an asset in being his ” cousin ” .
Hence Yoo Rin was hired to be Gong Chan’s cousin , but little did the two of them know that their plan to just make a brief appearance before the grandfather ,  turn into  a destiny they never expected. They discover how an innocent lie reveal more truth .

Character Overview
Joo Yoo Rin (Age 25)
Actress: Lee Dae-Hae (Flower King Fairy, Green Rose)
Independent, optimistic and resourceful, Joo Yoo Rin has always lived a wandering life with her father, who is constantly getting into trouble. Yoo Rin works as a tour guide on Cheju Island, hoping to earn enough for her father and her to have a stable life. Her survival skills include her ability to create believable lies when in a crisis.
But she meets a man named Seol Gong Chan, who is not taken in by her lies. Gong Chan offers Yoo Rin an opportunity to change her fate, by pretending to be his cousin.
Sensing the sincerity of a grandson who wants to fulfil his grandfather’s wish, and also because of the amount of money involved, Yoo Rin accepts. Yet she never expected that this role would be the toughest role and lie of her life. The Seol family takes her in with complete trust and love, and she becomes an integral part of their family. She also ends up falling in love with Gong Chan, who doesn’t realise Yoo Rin’s feelings for him.
She cannot lie about love, but neither can she tell the truth. To complicate matters, there is also another man, Jung Woo, who is waiting for her to see him…

Seol Gong Chan (Age 28)
Actor: Lee Dong Wook (Letter to Parent, Hanoi Bride)
Born with a silver spoon as the grandson to the chief of a famous hotel chain in Korea, Gong Chan is a person who is able to decide and analyse clearly the solution to whatever issues he encounters. Capable, responsible, calm and rational, he is also not easily taken in by lies. Yet the moment he meets Yoo Rin, Gong Chan is never the same again.
To help his grandfather fulfil his dying wish, Gong Chan and Yoo Rin become accomplices in a lie. A past love who left him two years ago has now returned as well. Little did Gong Chan realize that making Yoo Rin take the place of his cousin would create such turmoil in his life.
He hired her for her ability to lie with ease, yet never realizes it that he is changing because of her, taking in her lies, telling lies and driving himself crazy.

Seo Jung Woo (Age 28)
Actor: Lee Jun Ki (Star’s Echo)
Seo Jung Woo pursues a life of freedom where he can do what his heart desires. His grandfather being co-founder of the hotel chain with the Seol family, Jung Woo and Gong Chan grew up together. Rather than be chained to the corporate ladder, Jung Woo prefers to travel around the world and enjoy life. He is a natural charmer who can woo any woman if he so desires.
He meets Yoo Rin, who is immune to his charms. Instead she cries in front of him because of another man. Jung Woo knows love can hurt, yet he cannot control it. He is always there to listen to her and make her laugh, yet she does not return his feelings. But he is willing to wait for her to turn and see him waiting there for her.

Kim Sae Hyun (Age 26)
Actress: Park Si Yeon
Kim Sae Hyun, a professional tennis player, is a rising star in the sports world. Two years ago, she and Gong Gan were a couple. However, she was determined to make her dreams come true. For her sport career, she left him and went overseas. Now, she has returned and wants to reconcile with him, hoping he is still there waiting for her.

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