Oh! Happy Day [오! 해피데이]

Oh! Happy Day [오! 해피데이]
Jang Nara, Park Jung Cheol, Kim Hae Sook, Jang Hang Seon, Park Kyung Rim (Cameo)

»Jang Nara’s debut is incredibly funny….but sometimes it tries too hard
You all know Jang Nara by now, super cutie of the k-pop world, who stormed into dramas and made a big splash with 명랑소녀 성공기 (Successful Story of a Bright Girl, aka Joyful Girl’s Success Story, aka WhyCouldn’tTheyChooseAShorterTitle) last year. Well, she got paid 400,000,000Won (you read that right 4억원) to debut in the film world, so who would refuse?
Nara plays Hee Ji, a young woman obsessed with helping other people. She dubs books for blind people, helps those in need, and during the day teaches students how to build a proper vocabulary of sounds (including the short and long scream. Ouch), for dubbing cartoons. Her sister was sent away to lose her heavy saturi, and now is back getting hit day and night by our heroine. Hee Ji’s momma (Kim Hae Sook, who seems to poke fun at her many, many, maaaaaany similar roles in Tv Dramas) is a little crazy, and has no problem backdropping her daughter into submission when she comes home drunk.
If there’s one thing Hee Ji can’t stand, it’s injustice. When one of her friends gets rejected at Club Med because being a Pro Gamer at a PCBang is not a full time job, she does everything in her power to screw the boss (uh oh….not literally, kids), and make him pay for what he did. Problem is, the boss is none other than Park Jung Cheol, and she instantly falls in love with him. Awwwww…how cute.
Well, the film follows Hee Ji’s disastrous attempts to mess up PJC’s life, and it all gets really funny, and sometimes graphically so.


(Jang Nara)
The star of the film. She’s not exactly a subtle actress. Her delivery is very…ahem….energetic, I’d say. But it works. She can channel that energy through comedy, and it makes all very entertaining. Hee Ji is a riot, swinging from hypercute to Sassy Girl mode in seconds. And, I might say, she’s one to add to the list of better Sassy Girls than Jeon Ji Hyun. She doesn’t look phony when she’s in PMS mode, and completely looks the part when being cute. On the other hand, she does try a little too hard to be funny, especially with all her weird laughs and stuff. But that could be the director’s fault. They paid her handsomely, so they wanted a return. Uhhh….I guess.
(Park Jung Cheol)
An underrated actor, actually. I love the part where he sings to her and turns the other way to contain his anger. He did pretty well here. Good comic timing and facial expressions.
(The swearing Ajumma)
Just one of the many cameos, including Park Kyung Rim. She comes in, swears a storm and almost makes you spill the coke. Very funny, and a great cameo.
(Kim Hae Sook, Jang Hang Seon)
Two veterans very much used to these roles, but they handle it reaaaaaally well.
(Park Jung Cheol’s body double)
Uh….you get a body double ’cause you’re scared of showing your butt? That’s so lame. I bet the ladies cringed a little. Not that I wanted to see his butt, mind you. 😉
(Corny Finale)
Uh…didn’t care for it. Especially for the ‘let’s all sing together like it’s the Sound of Music’
It makes for some cool jokes, especially when she’s drinking. But come on, of all the things…HEMORROIDS? She’s supposed to be cute, you know?
OVERALL: Outrageously funny, with many memorable moments and cameos. But it does really try HARD to make you laugh. If you can’t speak Korean, some of the jokes might go over your head.

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