Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow
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Ji Hyun-woo (Golden apple, You’ll Find Out), Hwan-Hee (Fly To the Sky), Kim Ok-Bin (Hello God, Hanoi Bride), Seo Ji-Hye (She is 19), Im Ha-ryong
Directed by:
Han Hee
Written by:
Hong Jin-a, Hong Ja-ram
Dates Airing:
July 26th to Sepember 14th
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[Korean] [English]
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Over the Rainbow charts in the Korean music industry.
Hyuk Joo (Ji Hyun Woo) is struggling to stay in school and unable to pay registration fees. Forced to join the school dance team as punishment for fighting, he is helped and inspired by HeeSoo, the girl who lodges with his family. HeeSoo (Kim Ok Bin), who has run away from home, has a passion and talent for hip-hop dancing. She works hard to achieve her dream to sign with Pride Entertainment and become a singer like her mother.
Already at Pride and with a extensive fan-base is Rex (Hwanhee), a former classmate of HyukJoo. His instant fame has made him arrogant and bratty, but also discontented with his lack of artistic freedom. An avid fan of his, Ma Sang Mi (Seo Ji Hye) dreams of a better life than selling kimchi in the market.
Dancer, singer, wannabe and fan, it is inevitable that the the aspirations and struggles of these four very different types of people will intertwine with love, loss, success and failure.

What is the OST listing?
01. ddo da reun na – Chae Dong Ha (SG Wannabe)
02. soom swil ddae ma da – KB
03. dan ggoom – Byul
04. Run – Lee Jung Min, Lee Shi Woo
05. K-Funk – Simo
06. Lady Lady – Simo, Jung Sung In
07. moo ji gae num uh
08. so nyuh eh choo uk
09. bang hwang
10. han pan boot ja
11. Happy
12. Rain
13. ggoom
14. ddo da reun na (Inst.)
15. Opening

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