Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man [별난여자 별난남자]

Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man [별난여자 별난남자]

Byeol-nan-yeo-ja byeol-nan-nam-ja
Kim Ah-Joong, Go Joo-Won, Jeong Joon, Kim Seong-Eun
Directed by:
Lee Deok-Geon (Into the Storm; We Saved the Bird Who Was Lost; Beautiful Temptation)
Produced by:
Park Gi-Ho (Hello Barbari; Forgiveness)
Written by:
Lee Deok-Jae (August Bride; Tear of Rose; This is Love; Pearl Necklace)
Dates Airing:
September 26, 2005 – May 19, 2006
Time Airing:
30 minutes per episode, Monday-Friday 8:25pm Korea
170 episodes
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The story revolves around the family of ‘Jang’. Grandma Jang has two sons and one daughter. The oldest is Jae-do, who is forced out of his work and begins to look for labour jobs while his wife, Min-sook is a traditional home-maker who takes of her family and her mother-in-law.
Ki-woong (Jeong joon) is his son, and the eldest of the Jang grandchildren. Due to financial and other circumstances, Ki-woong never went to college; however he works hard to get his job at the cable channel on his own. Ki-woong has a younger sister Da-jeong, who’s trying to get into college but her interests on in fashion and play instead.  
The second son, Jae-man, married a wealthy woman, Nara, who owns the ‘well-being home-shopping channel’ where Jae-man, their son, and Ki-woong all work. Jae-man and Nara’s son, Seok-hyeon (Go Joo-Won), who is known for his good looks and smart brain, has recently returned to Korea after completing his MBA degree from America.
The youngest daughter, Jae-ok is a widow, and on top of that she has lost her only child to an accident and lives in deep sorrow until one day an orphan Jong-nam (Kim Ah-Joong) visits her and gives her a present from Jae-ok’s deceased son. Jae-ok adopts Jong-nam, who is a bright and strong-willed woman, despite the difficult life she’s had. One day when Seok-hyeon is out on the street drunk, he runs into Jong-nam and ends up peeing on her by accident, and so begins their fate.
Nara’s good friend, Yoo-jeong, also has one child and her name is Hae-in (Kim Seong-Eun). Hae-in is a respectful, hard-working team manager at ‘well-being home shopping’.. Her mother and Seok-hyeon’s mother agree that they should become in-laws and they try to set up their children for marriage….

Since its debut last September, ‘Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man’ has been widely received by the audience and it continues to enjoy top viewing with ratings hovering around the 30% mark. Its stars Kim Ah-Joong and Go Joo-Won, both relatively new and both who previously only played support roles, have become household names and faces.
The drama offers something for everyone. The older generation is ever tangled in the familiar power struggles among in-laws and the younger generation experiences their share of laughter and heartache through love, friendship and family. The basic core of the drama is a comedy and through the diverse characters one can easily find one to identify and laugh with.
Jong-nam (Kim Ah-Joong) who is at the centre of the story is very easy to love despite her flaws because she brings so much excitement to the rest of the cast.  The drama was originally supposed to end early April, but due to its success it has been extended for two more months. Some viewers are getting impatient with the slow pace of the love story between the two main leads, however the drama will likely retain its faithful audience through the end.  Aside from its excellent plot, the acting from the cast members is equally excellent. This is a great drama to watch with the whole family.

Did You Know?
Kim Ah-Joong and Go Joo-Won received new/youth acting awards at the 2005 KBS drama award ceremony.

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