Radio Dayz [라듸오 데이즈]

Radio Dayz [라듸오 데이즈]

Ryu Seung-Beom, Lee Jong-Hyeok, Kim Sa-Rang, Hwang Bo-Ra, Oh Jeong-Se
Directed by:
Ha Gi-Ho
Written by:
Kim Hyeon-Jeong
Comedy, Drama
111 mins


Kyoungseong station, the first radio station of Korea established in
the 1930s, is given the mission of producing a live serial radio play,
“Flames of Love.” Those in charge make an unlikely team: Lloyd, a
good-for-nothing producer; Man-cheol, an announcer and Lloyd’s only
friend; NOH Bong-al, a writer who never manages to write an ending; K,
an independent activist and sound effect technician; Myeong-wol, a
former gisaeng; Mari, a jazz singer Mari; and station errand boy
Sun-deok. Even amid the ensuing chaos, the play becomes increasingly
popular with each passing day. But how will it end up?



“Funny and delightful.”

It’s nice to see a Japanese occupation-setting story decide not to take itself too seriously.  “Radio Days” does that yet keeps us entertained to the very end.   The story of Korea’s first radio station is engaging itself but does lack concrete character development.  We don’t really know who the characters are that play the parts in the drama, or their backgrounds.  Also while the antagonist is most certainly the Japanese control in the radio station, the story doesn’t get bogged down with the history lessons, although a good portion of it is devoted to “K” who is the leader of an anti-Japanese group.

The movie itself is a bit slapstick in the humor and i wasn’t finding myself busting out laughing but nor was it so serious, and the lighthearted moments added to the charm of the movie.  Immersed in satirical humor, the movie sees its own fictional drama creating ground-breaking ideas
that captivate its listening audience but what we would recognize in modern-day K-dramas as being cliched like love triangles, car accidents and terminal illness. The acting by Ryoo Seung-beom, who plays the Director Loyde really makes this movie.  All in all, it was a good watch and entertaining.

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