Super Rookie

Super Rookie

Moon Jeong-Hyeok/ Eric, Han Ga-In, Oh Ji-Ho, Lee So-Yeon
Directed by:
Kim Sa-Hyeon
Produced by:
Han Hui (Wooden Carousel, The Bean Chaff of My Life)
Written by:
Lee Seon-Mi and Kim Ki-Ho (Wish Upon a Star, Love in Bali, Thousand Year Love)
Dates Airing:
march 23, 2005 – may 26, 2005
Time Airing:
Wednesdays, Thursdays 9:55 PM (Korea)
Romantic Comedy
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Cast Details
Moon Jeong-Hyeok/ Eric (I’m Running, Phoenix/Firebird)
Han Ga-In (Terms of Endearment, Yellow Handkerchief, Dr. Ggaeng)
Oh Ji-Ho (Second Proposal, Autumn Showers)
Lee So-Yeon (Spring Day, Let’s Get Married)

Twenty-nine-year-old Kang Ho (Moon Jeong-Hyeok) is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is charismatic and has the gift of making people laugh. He majored in physical education and barely finished college as a third year senior. His parents are sick and tired of him wasting away his life as a bum and pressure him to look for work.
During a screening test at LK group’s hiring event, the scoring machine malfunctions and mistakenly gives Kang Ho a perfect score, and he ends up being hired. As a new employee, Kang Ho meets with other fellow new recruits, including the over-achieving Lee Bong-Sam (Oh Ji-Ho) and the beautiful Seo Hyeon-Ah (Lee So-Yeon). The group of new recruits are being trained by a second-year employee Lee Mi-Ok (Han Ga-In), who turns out to be the woman whose heart Bong-Sam broke when he dumped her due to her humble background. The dashing and arrogant Bong-Sam has already moved on with new ‘it girl’ Hyeon-Ah, who is actually the daughter of the owner of LK. Meanwhile, Kang Ho starts to like Mi-Ok and wants to protect her in her vulnerable times, but Mi-Ok seems to be holding onto her feelings for her first love, Bong-Sam.
The story gets more complicated when the power-hungry CEO returns from America and realizes Kang Ho was mistakenly hired, but decides to keep him around for his own gain. Though Bong-Sam appears to be a jerk on the surface, he too has a sad story to tell and when he realizes the one he actually loves is Mi-Ok, he must choose between his feelings and his ambition for self-improvement. The story is about how these four young employees untangle themselves from the complicated web of love as they struggle in their new work environment.

Eric in a romantic comedy? Han Ga-In in a comedy? Oh Ji-Ho? YES. If you’ve ever doubted whether these three could pull off a comedy act, here’s the proof that they can. Eric is surprisingly funny, charming, and downright hilarious as the clumsy Kang Ho, and the gorgeous Han is equally refreshing in her comedic performance as the nerdy and uptight Mi-Ok. The concept is very original and the script, though not the most creative, is very clean and tight overall. The acting from the four leads, as well their beautiful on-screen presence, make this drama a must-see for romantic comedy lovers! Those who question Eric’s acting ability should give this drama a try, and they will realise that he is actually a gem of an actor. Han also proves herself to be capable of moving beyond weeping and looking pretty. Lee So-Yeon is both hilarious and pathetic as the arrogant but naive Hyeon-Ah. I was genuinely surprised and entertained by this drama.

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