Which Star Did You Come From?

Which Star Did You Come From?

Kim Rae-Won, Jeong Ryeo-Won, Park Shi-Hoo, Kang Jeong-Hwa
Directed by:
Pyo Min-Soo (Full House)
Produced by:
Kim Jong-Hak (All In)
Written by:
Jeong Yoo-Kyeong
Dates Airing:
March 13, 2006 – May 02, 2006
Time Airing:
Monday, Tuesday 9:55pm (Korea)
Official Websites:
[Korean] [English]
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Seung-Hui (Kim Rae-Won) was once a promising young movie director and writer, who found the love of his life, but when she died in a car accident, Seung-Hui fell into deep depression and his career seemed to be over. A few years later, he meets Bok-Shil (Jeong Ryeo-Won), who looks exactly like his deceased lover Hye-Soo. But Bok-Shil is nothing like Hye-Soo. Unlike Hye-Soo, who was the epitome of feminine beauty and grace, Bok-Shil is clumsy, opinionated and somewhat uncouth.  Bok-Shil grew up in a tiny village deep in the mountains, in a small shack with a mother who was never married and suffers from brain damage due to coal inhalation, but soon Hye-Soo’s mother suspects Bok-Shil might turn out to be Hye-Soo’s long lost twin who was thought to have died in a fire. Even though Bok-Shil is the opposite of Hye-Soo, Seung-Hui finds himself mysteriously drawn to her, but as the truth behind Bok-Shil’s past is revealed, their relationship becomes more complex and their love more complicated and filled with more obstacles.

This drama starts out really funny, but the charms begin to die soon after the first few episodes and the drama becomes another sappy melodrama full of clichés. Kim Rae-Won seems to play the same old character he played in the past: handsome but arrogant, with a soft side waiting to be tapped by the Cinderella type. Kim Rae-Won fans will probably still enjoy this drama since he dominates screen time, but his character is pretty predictable; that is not to say his acting is horrible, but I suppose it’s  due more to the problems with the script.
This drama is not exactly a breakthrough for Jeong Ryeo-Won either, but it’s good to see her vary her acting roles.  I find her attractive and her acting decent, but there’s something about her portrayal of Bok-Shil that gets on my nerves as the drama progresses. Maybe it’s the pigtails, but I think the character of Bok-Shil just isn’t too convincing to be a country bumpkin. While the chemistry between the two leads is pretty steady, the two sidekicks, Park Shi-Hoo (as Han Jeong-Hoon) and Kang Jeong-Hwa (as Yoon Mi-Hyeon) are boring to look at and their characters are dull, predictable, and almost unnecessary. The script is very unoriginal, not at all sophisticated and really rather tiresome, but Kim and Jeong are both beautiful to gaze at. Watch this if you’re a big fan of Kim or Jeong. Skip it if you’re looking for something different from the same old, same old.


Graphic by: .soxar.
edited by moogles

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