Artist of the week – Clazziquai

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DJ Clazzi (DJ)
Real name: Kim Sung-hoon
Born: Canada, 1974
Education: Capilano College, Canada
Work: Webdesigner and sound designer at company Mixel digital media
Alex Chu (Male Vocal)
Real name: Chu Hun-gon
Date of birth: September 2, 1979
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, sports
Horan Choi (Female Vocal)
Real name: Choi Soo-jin
Date of birth: July 5, 1979
Education: Yonsei University, Pschology major
Our featured artist this week is the very unique sounding Clazziquai. They are a trio made up of DJ Clazzi and vocalists Alex and Horan. The group is the brainchild of DJ Clazzi. Clazziquai incorporates classical music, jazz and groove, with elements of electronica and World music, creating a cross between chill-out lounge and house. Their unique genre of music stands out among all k-pop groups.
Clazziquai’s music was somewhat experimental as it started off as a pet project of the leader, Kim. As a classically trained musician who used to play the piano in a Jazz band, was an avid fan of the Jazz genre but wanted to create a music that was updated in a way while studying at the Capilano college and CDIS(Center for digital image). Kim, who was also a fan of ‘King Crimson’ and ‘Pink Floyd’, familiarized himself with the genre ‘Electronica’ and attempts to create a sound, which was only done by some J-pop artists from the ‘Shibuya’ movement in 2001.
Kim started out the group with Alex and his sister Christina as male and female vocalists. Then Horan joined as the group’s female vocalist. The unique sounds of the group first caught on in the ultra-hip Apgujung area, the “Hollywood” of Seoul, and have since garnered the group a secure place in the local pop music world.
With new concepts to genres like acid jazz, reminiscent of bands like Incognito and the Brand New Heavies, Clazziquai mixes unpredictable melodies with the feel of Chill-out lounge, Latin, soul and electronica of the Shibuya movement.
The sweet and silky voices of Alex and Horan blend beautifully together, along with the unique beats of DJ Clazzi, to create a beautiful and distinct sound that makes Clazziquai stand out among other musicians and injects a fresh stream to the local k-pop scene.
Clazziquai has enjoyed increasing success with their 5 albums, including 2 experimental remix albums. Their songs have also been featured on the soundtracks of popular movies and TV dramas, including “She is” from the 2005’s hit series, “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.”
After two years hiatus with members Alex and Horan concentrated on their solo and project group (Ibadi) activities respectively, Clazziquai recently comes back their fourth album Mucho Punk. Always at the forefront of music, Clazziquai continue to expand their sound and experiment with different musical genres and styles. This time, they’ve combined New Wave and punk with their trademark house, pop, and electronic. This album was produced by DJ Clazzi and was influenced much by the movie, Nacho Libre.
They already performed at Taiwan Hohaiyan Rock Festival in July. Dubbed as the biggest outdoor music festival there with bands all around Asia. 
The songs are much more punkish, thus how the album got its name. The title song “Love Again” already appeared in many music charts and will soon established their place.
* Instant Pig (1st album, May 2004) : You never know, Come to Me, After Love, Sweety, Gentle Rain, Novabossa
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* ZBAM – Remix (November 2004) : Futuristic (House remix), Come to Me (Mellotron remix), She Loves You, Oh Yes (Drum bon remix), Stepping out (Step remix)
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* Color Your Soul (2nd album, 2005) : Fill This Night, Be My Love, Color Your Soul, Beautiful Woman, I Will Give You Everything Come Alive
* Pinch Your Soul (2nd Remix album, 2006) : Color Your Soul [Pinch Your Remix], Love Mode, Come Alive [Distort Remix], Fill This Night [Paradox Remix], Sweety [Cosmo Remix]
* Love Child of the Century (3rd album, 2007) : Lover Boy
* Clazziquai Vol. 3.5 – Robotica (Normal Edition)
* Clazziquai – Metrotronics (With DJ Max) (Mini album, 2008)
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* Wizard of Oz (Digital Single, 2009)
* Mucho Punk (4th album, 2009-07-15)

 Love Again [Music Video] [Performance]
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