New group ‘Astro’ debuts with acting skills from ‘The Next Lee Hyori’

Singer Sori has been creating a lot of buzz recently. Firstly by releasing her new single, BoyBoy (Disco Party) and also by aiding the fresh new group ‘Astro‘ launch themselves into the music scene. Sori also has recently dabbled into a new profession, acting. Sori can be seen in the new music video for ‘Leaving Before/간다’ by the new R&B House group, Astro.

Astro is an R&B House group which is made up of 1 female vocalist, 1 male vocalist and 2 male rappers. Their debut album entitled ‘We Will Go’ consists of 7 songs. Astro comes into the K-Pop scene at a great time, with all the new girl groups debuting such as T-Ara, 2NE1 and 4minute, this brings us a fresh new kind of music similar to the likes of Clazziquai or something we might have heard in the early 2000s. Their debut single ‘Leaving Before’ is a well-done mid-tempo type of song about a fiance who was cheating on his wonderful fiancee, who is played by Sori (Who in their right mind would cheat on Sori? LOL) Sori is devasted when she finds out this information, and you can really see it through her great acting skills in the Music Video.

Kwon SooWook, who is the brother of the sensation across of Asia, BoA, and is also the director for the video has praised Sori for her great acting capabilities displayed in the ‘Leaving Before’ Music Video. He went on to say, “I discovered the acting capabilities in Sori. It was so good I didn’t believe she only started acting a while ago. Her acting in the MV was above satisfactory. Sori is good at expressing emotions, good singer
after all. For other singers, when they act there is a certain pattern
to the feelings they show, but for
Sori she displayed her emotions in
acting very naturally. I could feel much energy from her acting.”

In response, Sori replied, “The Music Video and the musical are of different genres but that’s the beauty
of it. I have put another acting of a different image this time, but
there are still many things to learn. I wish to do more acting in the
future.” Does this mean we could possibly see
Sori following in Son Dam Bi’s footsteps and be starring in a drama soon?

Meanwhile, the MV is also very well received by netizens, with many praises of Sori’s acting. Check it out, here!

sources :  jaeuraznmv1 @youtube.

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