What has Big Bang's G-Dragon been up to lately?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon has had an extremely hectic life these past 2 weeks. First up, he’s been busy finishing
up his promotions in Japan with Big Bang’s latest single ‘ガラガラ
GO!!/Gara Gara GO!!’. Secondly, he’s planning on releasing his first ever solo
album, ‘Heartbreaker’, in only 4 days on his 21st birthday, August 18th. Third, G-Dragon has also been occupied by the shooting of the cover of his new album,
and also appearing in the popular fashion magazine, Nylon, with a 12
page spread! And lastly, G-Dragon might possibly also be occupied by the taping of an
appearance in the next episode of the popular reality show, MNET

Big Bang had an active June & July, by releasing their
brand new Japanese album, ‘With You’. Their first single, ‘My Heaven’
was released on the 24th of June and was a cover of their widely
popular Korean song, ‘Heaven’. Their second single ‘Gara Gara GO!!” was
released on July 8th and peaked at the number 3 position on online
charts. They ended their promotions on the 26th of July. However, Big
Bang won’t be gone for long as they’ll be back in Japan
next month to release both their first full Japanese studio album
titled ‘Big Bang’ and a Best-Of collection titled ‘Asia Beat’.

is planning on releasing his first ever solo album on the 18th of
August, his 21st birthday. This album, which is called ‘Heartbreaker’
will feature many renowned artists such as Kim Gun Mo, Teddy Park,
Sandara Park and CL of the ‘female Big Bang’ group, 2NE1 and G-Dragon‘s
fellow Big Bang member, Taeyang. Heartbreaker will contain 10 songs, and G-Dragon has released his leading single which is called ‘Gossip Man‘. Gossip Man is an up-tempo song featuring Kim Gun Mo. G-Dragon has also revealed 4 teasers for his album. The teasers, A Boy, Heartbreaker, Butterfly, and The Leaders (Wassup)
were revealed through his cyworld. Heartbreaker has claimed to be plagiarizing the International #1 hit song by Flo Rida called ‘Right Round’. In response
to this, the owners of the original song, Right Round, have replied by
saying, “Because all that has come out is a teaser – which does not
directly earn G-Dragon or YG Entertainment any money – there is still
time for changes and amendments before any official release. Both the
Korean company and Warner Music America will continue to monitor the
situation, and will make any actions they feel are necessary after August 18th”.

has revealed the concept to his brand new album. G-Dragon, sporting blonde &
white hair, blue lipstick, and funky clothing once again shows off his
“fashionista” side, as some of the Netizens call it. You can view the pictures at
G-Dragon was also seen shooting a 12 page spread for the September
issue of the fashion magazine, Nylon. As today, only the cover of the
shoot has been revealed. G-Dragon has also been criticized by Netizens
for appearing on the 6th episode of MNET 2NE1TV with a picture of a
naked woman on his t-shirt, resulting in it to be blurred on the
programming. Advanced Television System Committee said that there is
nothing inappropriate to it since it was blurred out, but still Netizens made a big deal out of this. Honestly, them making a big deal out of this is kinda whack to me.. I mean, it was blurred out, anyways.

lastly, G-Dragon was recently rumored to be appearing on the widely
popular televison show, MNET Scandal. MNET Scandal is a show where a
celebrity is chosen to be a ‘pretend’ boyfriend to a girl for 7 days.
After the 7 days are passed, they either choose to keep seeing
eachother or to “split up”. When news of this broke out, fangirls (and
some fanboys) were outraged. The producers of the program nor YG Family
have yet to confirm
this rumor, though but the the Scandal’s
fanpage already has over 8 pages of complaints and threats from
G-Dragon‘s fans.

Do you think the Heartbreaker will get sued for copyright infringement? Do you like his new song/teasers?

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