New Albums and Singles Preview

G-Dragon Vol. 1 – Heartbreaker (August 18)

01 A Boy
02 Heartbreaker
03 Breathe
04 Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05 Hello (Feat. Dara)
06 Gossip Man (Feat. Kim Gun Mo)
07 Korean Dream (Feat. Tae Yang)
08 The Leaders (Feat. Teddy , Cl)
09 She’s Gone (Feat. Kush)
10 One Year Station

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people have already been interested in G-Dragon’s solo album from way
back when it was being planned. Being the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon
is well known for creating hit songs like “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Day
By Day” and “Sunset Glow”. Also, G-Dragon has drawn attention from many
people for his unique style of fashion, known as “big bang style”. His
album is not only receiving interest from the music industry, but from
the fashion industry as well. The title song “Heartbreaker” starts off
with G-Dragon’s powerful narration which is an instant attention
getter. Besides the title song, his other two songs “A Boy” and
“Butterfly” were both revealed on his ‘me2DAY’ blog, which was enough
to make his fans anticipate his solo album more. Recently, he started
out with his album jacket photo shoot and ended with his large-scale
music video filming. The only thing left is releasing his solo album.
Big Bang has brought a new revolution to the music industry and
G-Dragon is expected to bring another sensation and trend.

Hwang Bo (mini-album) – R2song (August 19)

01 R2song
02 R2song (Postino Oriental Mix)
03 Get Hot
04 Get Hot [DJ Koo (Koo Joon Yeop) Remix Version]
05 Mature
06 Words I Can’t Trust

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title song for Hwang Bo’s new mini album “R2song” was ranked 1st place
on a dance music site in England. Currently, the postino oriental mix
of the song is the version being used in Korea. The Korean version has
been arranged to fit the taste of the general public in Korea.
Different from the Europe version, the song has been arranged to more
of an electro-disco style. It has a very addicting and strong melody
that will feel fresh to people’s ears. Active as Hwang Bo’s producer,
Shim Tae Yoon also composed and wrote songs for this mini album.
Musician Postino contributed to this mini album by mixing and mastering
the title song. This mini album will be released as a limited edition.
It consists of songs from her previous digital albums like “Get Hot”
(both the original and remix version), “Mature” and “Words I Can’t
Trust”, along with both the Europe version and Postino version of the
title song “R2song”. Photographer Jackie shot the album jacket in New
York. This mini album is expected to bring great pleasure to Hwang Bo’s
fans that have waited for her and her songs.

SM Town 2009 Summer Album (released)

01 Seaside Resting Place (Boom Boom) -Sung by DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee
02 12:34 (Nothing Better) -Sung by DBSK
03 Carnival -Sung by Super Junior
04 Scar -Sung by SHINee

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After 2 years, SM Town’s new summer album has been released on the 14th!

SM Town’s seasonal albums, only three boy groups from SM entertainment
contributed to this new summer album. The three teams are Dong Bang
Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee. There are a total of 4 summery songs,
and the title song being “Seaside Resting Place”. The title song is an
exciting song that has a reggae rhythm and bongo drum sounds. The song
“12:34” sung by DBSK is a medium tempo dance song that shows their
wonderful harmony. The song was also written by Choi Kang Chang Min
(Max). The song “Carnival” sung by Super Junior was first introduced
during their concert. Contributing for the first time in SM Town
albums, SHINee sings a sad dance song “Scar” that showcases the
members’ powerful vocals. Prior to releasing the album, the 4 tracks
were revealed on various online music sites (Melon, Dosirak, and
Soribada) one by one which began on August 11th.

Brave Brothers 1st mini-album – Attitude

01 Interview
02 Brave Sound
03 Invisible
04 Bittersweet
05 Invisible (Instrumental)

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rock and hip hop, producer “Brave Brothers” releases a single album
[Attitude]. The intro track expresses the Brave Brother’s honest
feelings on how they came about, containing lyrics that say “I’ve been
to the threshold of death / Continuously exhausted, the thorn inside my
heart / Where I can see the Han River from this four-sided wall room /
The tears that tap the keyboard everyday / Those past days where I’ve
written songs like a machine”. Just like the title of the album
[Attitude], this album is filled with the Brave Brothers great
determination in music, which they’ve prepared for 8 years.

Jo Sung Mo (single) – Forever One (released)

01 Forever One

vocalist Jo Sung Mo who sings songs from the bottom of his heart is
back with a romantic proposal song “Forever One”. Living in a world
where love and break-up is an easy thing to do, this song brings a
message for people to approach the meaning of love in a precious way.
If there’s a song that he can express his feelings with, he would
choose “Forever One” as the perfect song to sing to the woman he loves.
This song is a pop ballad song that has a rhythmical melody and
acoustic sound. In reality, it’s easy for people to meet as well as
break-up with one and another. However, there are still many people who
dream of a never changing love that lasts eternally. The lyric to this
song is truly enough to move people’s heart. Releasing a digital single
for the first time since his debut, “Forever One” is expected to be the
best and romantic proposal song.

Other releases:

Navi (single) – 눈물도 아까워 (feat. Hyun Ah of 4 minute) (released)
Yuri (single) – Doh Doh (released)
Astro Vol. 1 – We Will Go (August 17)
Jiggy Fellaz Vol. 2 – The Blue Album (August 17)
Pony Vol. 1 (August 17)
Boo Hwal Vol. 12 – 25th Anniversary: Retrospect (August 18)
1sagain Vol. 1 (August 19)
Jayeon – Love…Separation (August 19)
Kim Jung Min (mini-album) – Innocence (August 19)
B2Y – 나! 원! 참! (August 21)
13Steps Vol. 2 – Existence (August 21)
Ee Vol. 1 – Imperfect, I’mperfect (August 21)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

Credits to purpletiger86 for translations

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