YB 8th – Coexistance

YB – 8th Album – Coexistance

01 . Millimicron Bomb
02 . 88만원의 Losing Game
03 . 깃발
04 . 아직도 널
05 . 편지
06 . 후회 없어
07 . 無
08 . 물고기와 자전거
09 . Talk to me
10 . Stay Alive
11 . 꿈꾸는 소녀 Two
12 . 엄마의 노래

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The album kicks off with an explosive intro of shouting and a crescendo of guitars and drums as a reminder and wake up that electronica is not the only style about. It is followed by track after track of quality Korean Rock that I would sincerely love to hear live.

Its safe to say the passion and energy the band has for their music has not diminished in the 2 years since their last release and, currently on tour, are as keen as ever for live shows. The album, Coexistence, is more than just rock and roll. In his distinctive voice Yoon Do Hyun tells the stories of riots, unemployment and challenges faced by students.

For me Track 7 無 (Nothing) stood out along with the mid tempo ballad ‘Still…’ which is track 4. The intro to track 2 was very ear catching sounding like pansori and track 3 started unusually soft with solo trumpet and dialogue. ‘Stay Alive’ is the only track in English.

Track 11 꿈꾸는 소녀 Two (roughly translated as Dreaming Child Two ) is a harmonica backed ballad that provides a welcome break from the high tempo songs and allows the listener to really appreciate the unique vocals of Yoon Do Hyun.

5/5 – Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must buy.
4/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this album
3/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you might want to add this one to your collection.
2/5 – I don’t think a fan would even buy this.
1/5 – You might as well just flush your money down the toilet

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