New Albums and Singles Preview – 2009 August Week 4

4 minute 1st mini-album – For Muzik (August 27)

01 For Muzik
02 Muzik
03 Hot Issue
04 What a Girl Wants
05 Funny
06 Don’t Want to Give It
07 Hot Issue (Remix)

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who has been everyone’s hot issue with their debut track of the same
title, has returned for a second round. Their first mini album starts
off with an intro called For Muzik” which has great lyrics as well as
charismatic sounds. The title track is “Muzik” which was composed by Lee
Sang Ho and Shin Sa Dong Tiger. The song has street sounds which was
popular presently in European Clubs. Another track in the album is “What
a Girl Wants” which as the title suggests is about things girls want
from guys who seem to be oblivious to it. The song has bright sounds
and it incorporates the popular 808 sounds from the past. The next song
is “Funny” which was composed by one of Korea’s top composers Kim Do
Hoon. It has house beats as well as bass. The lyrics are very fun and
are very different from 4minute’s style. The last song is “Don’t Want to
Give It” which was also composed by Shin Sa Dong Tiger and was penned by
Hwang Sung Jin. It has a very trendy melody with slow tempo and groove.

Hong Kyung Min Vol. 10 – Someday

01 Log Out
02 She’s Leaving
03 Her Vacation
04 Way to Send the Person
05 Beautiful Days
06 Happy Days
07 The Day After Confession
08 Run (Duet with Shin So Hee, Rap feat. Jang Geun Ee)
09 Don’t Be Like That
10 One Late Night in 1994…

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Kyung Min’s 10th album, “Someday” was produced by star composer Park Geun
Tae who also composed 5 of the 10 tracks in this album. The songs will
showcase Hong Kyung Min’s soft vocals. The title track is “She’s Leaving”
which was composed by Park Geun Tae and penned by Hong himself. This
ballad number has guitar sounds which bring out folk sounds as well as
a beautiful melody. The lyrics are about sending a love one. Other
recommended tracks are number three, “Her Vacation” which is a beautiful
love story with fast tempo and number seven, “The Day After Confession”
which is perfect for lovers to use for their proposal. Another song is
“Happy Days” which Hong remade, bringing out another different style to

Cherry Filter Vol. 5 – Rocksteric
(August 27)

01 Foreign Object
02 Pianissimo
03 Morning Rush
04 Rocking Star
05 I Love You, But Let’s Stop Meeting
06 Kama-mara
07 Orange Roade (New Ver)
08 Right Here
09 Sunday Afternoon 4PM
10 Swallow Oneself
11 From, Paradise

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band, Cherry Filter returns with their fifth story, Rocksteric (Rock +
Hysteric). The group has incorporated various sounds with rock
including modern techno rhythms, string sounds, and a warm pop image.

Taru Vol. 1 – Taru (August 25)

01 Night Flying
02 Washing Machine
03 Love Method
04 Sad Melody
05 Talk & Play (feat. Naru)
06 Just Go
07 Dark Gray Nose, Green Eyes
08 When It Comes To Tomorrow (duet Kwon Soon Kwan of No Reply)
09 Daydreaming
10 Slow Star
11 Don’t Let Me Down
12 Yesterday (New Version)
13 Chronos Wing (Sentimental Scenery) (Bonus Track)

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had debuted in 2007 as the vocalist of the band, The Melody. In 2008
she released her solo mini album titled The Rainbow where she
incorporated some electronic sounds. In addition, Taru took part in
many collaborations as well as cf and soundtrack songs such as Epik
High’s 1 Minute 1 Second, Wheesung’s “Love Seat”, Canu Phone’s Bling
Bling and so forth. This year, Taru has released her first album which
was produced by Japan’s guitar-pop band, Swinging Popsicle. The title
track is “Night Flying” which has sweet vocals with beats that will make
you dance. The next song is “Washing Machine” which features Misty Blue’s
Jung Eun Soo’s sweet voice. The song is about washing away the scars of
love. Another song is “Talk & Play” which features the voice of Naru.
Also included in the album is a new version of “Yesterday” from her
previous mini album and “Chronos Wing” which Taru previously sang for the
Chronos Wing game soundtrack.

Super Junior Kyu Hyun & Dong Hae (single) – Happy Bubble (released)

01 Happy Bubble

Bubble is a brand new song for “Happy Bath” sung by Super Junior members,
Dong Hae and Kyu Hyun as well as actress Han Ji Min. It has a standard
melody which later changes to swing sounds. The lyrics are cute and fit
well with this medium tempo pop dance song.

Other releases:

Shin Ji Hoo (mini-album) – Fool On The Moon (August 25)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations

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