New albums and singles preview – 2009 August week 5

Jewelry Vol. 6 – Sophisticated (September 1)

01 Bounce
02 Butterfly
03 Vari2ty
04 Strong Girl
05 Oops
06 Fantastic4
07 Sweet Boy
08 Be Rocker
09 Rally
10 Vari2ty Inst
11 Rally Inst

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who swept the Korean music industry two years ago with their fifth
album title track, “One More Time,” has returned with their sixth album,
Sophisticated. Through this album the girls are to show both their sexy
as well as innocent sides. Included in the album is the song “Strong
Girl” which was previously released as a single. It was composed by
vocal group Someday’s member Joo Young and was penned by Kim Na Young;
it was popular electronic rhythms. The title track of this album is

Kim Tae Woo (mini-album) – T-Virus (September 4)

01 Words I Want to Say Part 2
02 Faster feat. Yubi
03 Love Rain
04 When I Say Yah! You Say Yes! Duet with Lyn
05 More and More feat. Henry
06 Memories and Recollection feat. Jun Hyung, Ho Young, Danny

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Tae Woo who previously released a digital single, Memories and
Recollection has returned with the first part of his mini album. The
title of the album is T-Virus in hopes that those who listen to the
album will get the happy virus (T-virus). The title track is “Love Rain”
which was produced by Kim Tae Woo and Lee Hyun Seung. It took them a
total of 5 months to complete this song. It has strong melodies and the
song will penetrate one’s ears and heart.

Kim Jung Hoon 1st mini-album (September 1)

01 Intro
02 Stepped on Eye
03 Blow on Memories
04 She’s Not There
05 Stepped on Eye Radio Mix
06 Stepped on Eye Inst

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Kim Jung Hoon who gained popularity in Asia including Japan and
Thailand has finally released his first solo mini album 3.5 years since
his work with UN. The title track “Stepped on Eye” is a ballad number which has messages Kim wanted to tell fans while he was serving in the
military. Kim Jung Hoon previously had released material in Japan.

Miss $ Vol. 1 – Miss $ Class (September 1)

01 S Class (Intro)
02 What is Love
03 Do Well While I’m Here
04 Same Time, Different Us feat. Rhymer
05 In No Time Goodbye
06 Don’t Cheat feat. Nam Gyuri
07 You’re Special
08 I Can’t Hide It
09 Something’s There
10 I Wish It Wasn’t You Narr. Rhymer
11 What is Love (Vocal Version)
12 S Class (Full Ver)

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$ who released a single last year titled Don’t Cheat (feat. Nam Gyuri)
has returned with their first album, Miss $ Class. The album includes
three previous singles making it a total of 12 tracks. The title song “What is Love” is a sad song about a girl who cannot forget her
lover after the ending of a relationship. The rap and vocals harmonize
well in this song. Solo singer, Nemo (formerly of Shinvi) has also
taken part in this album as the vocalist.

Wax (single) – You Can’t Cry (released)

01 You Can’t Cry
02 You Can’t Cry (Inst)

who has been promoting the dance number, “In the End It’s You,” has released
a new single, “You Can’t Cry.” PJ who produced her 8th album has also
helped out with this song. This song has a very basic sound with
R&B sounds with lyrics fit for ballads. This medium tempo number
has classic sounds.

K.Will / Mario (single) – Color Chocolate (released)

01 Chocolate
02 Chocolate (Inst)

and Mario collaborate with the love song Chocolate as the next
featurees for the Color Project. The song was composed by Kim Do Hoon,
one of Korea’s best hitmakers, who wrote notable songs for Wheesung,
Hyori, and Gummy. The song has a lovable melody line and has sweet
lyrics one would want to say to a lover. K.Will’s dark chocolate-like
voice and Mario’s rap harmonize well in the song.

Other releases:

Woong2ne – The 2nd story (released)
Park Ki Young (single) – 녹화된 테잎을 감듯이 (released)
Kim Sarang – Behind The Story (September 1)
Song Joon Seo – Portrait (September 1)
Fizz Pop – Adrenaline (September 3)
Han Seung Ki Vol. 3 – 동해의 꿈 (September 4)
Lee Seung Chul Vol.10 repackaged version (September 4)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations