New albums and singles preview – 2009 September week 1

F(x) (single) – Lachata (released)

01 Lachata

hot icon, F(x) debuts this month with their first digital single,
Lachata. The group consists of Korean members, Suli, Luna, and Crystal,
and Chinese Members Amber and Victoria, making it a total of five
members in this Asia pop dance group. The name is derived from the
mathematical function where depending on x (the girls’ respective
skills and charms), the group’s result will change. The f also
represents flowers while x represents the female’s xx chromosomes.
Their debut number is Lachata which was composed by Kenzie. It has
hip-hop grooves with an electronica tinge to it. The message of the
song is to enjoy life.

Lee Seung Chul Vol. 10 (Repackaged Version) – Love Is So Difficult (released)

01 Love Is So Difficult
02 Fingernails Fell Off
03 In the Love
04 When I Turn Around
05 Reggae Night
06 Because of You My Tears Are Flowing Down
07 Love Song
08 How Much More Do I Have to Cry
09 Love Is
10 Did You Forget
11 My Girl
12 Are You Listening
13 There Is No Person Like That
14 Moving Star

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2006, Lee Seung Chul gained popularity when he released the song, “Shout.” The composer of the song, Hong Jin Young has helped Lee
once again with his title track, “Love Is So Difficult” for this
repackaged album. The song is a soft rock ballad where listeners can
hear his soft yet deep voice.

Lee Hyun (mini-album) – 30 Minutes Ago (September 9)

01 30 Minutes Ago
02 The Day We Love Again
03 Because the Heart Doesn’t Know
04 30 Minutes Ago
05 30 Minutes Ago MR

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Shi Hyuk who is known to make great songs for many artists has once
again created another hit song, “30 Minutes Ago.” The performer of this song
is Lee Hyun, who is also the leader of the group 8eight. The song seemed perfect
for Lee who is known for his emotional vocals.

Loveholics Vol. 1 – In The Air (September 11)

01 Raining (Play Christina)
02 The Wind is Quite Strong (Play Whale)
03 Hurt (Play Jang Eun Ah)
04 Sour, Secret, Comfort (Play Woo Mi Jin)
05 Beautiful (Play Park Hye Kyung, Park Ki Young)
06 Miracle Blue (Play Shin Min Ah)
07 Message from Tokyo (Play Miki (The Indigo))
08 Words You Say When You Don’t Know (Play Arim)
09 You Are To Me (Play Kang Hyun Min)
10 Butterfly (Play Christina, Lee Seung Chul, Horan, Alex, Park Ki Young, Whale, Jung Soon Yong, Miki, Hewon, Jang Eun Ah)

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which consists of leader Kang Hyun Min and movie-music producer,
Lee Jae Hak, are finally releasing their first album which features sixteen
singers’ great vocals. The album consists of songs ranging from sadness
to hope. The album starts off with “Raining” which features Christina’s
vocals to “Message from Tokyo” which features Japanese band, The Indigo’s
Miki’s vocals.

T-Max (single) – Love Parade (released)

01 I Want
02 I Want (Inst)

which consists of three boys prettier than flowers has released a song
called I Want. Through this song, the group is to be the second
musician to take part of the Love Parade project. Last year, the group
took part in the popular Boys Over Flowers soundtrack with the song,
Paradise. The song “I Want” shows all the members’ charms; they
each showcase their sweet vocals and rap.

Rumble Fish (single) – My Love By My Side (released)

01 My Love By My Side
02 My Love By My Side (Inst)

Fish returns with a single My Love By My Side. The song is actually a
remake sung for the movie of the same title. Despite it being a remake,
the band is able to show their own style and colors while still
bringing out the original sad mood.

J (single) – Dream Catcher (released)

01 Dream
02 Saying That I Love You (feat. Alex)
03 Saying That I Love You (INST)

singer, J who has skills and charms that no one can follow returns
between the summer and fall season with a new digital single album,
Dream Catcher. This year, it will be J’s 11th anniversary as a singer
and before releasing a new album in October, she has released this
single album. The first track is “Dream” which is a dance track with
piano and electronica sounds. The title track is “Saying That I Love You”
which features Alex of Clazziquai. It is a love song of the ballad

Other releases:

Sung Yoo Bin – Flash Back (released)
Soonie Vol. 1 – 내 가슴에 달이 있다 (released)
Leeds (single) – 너를 향란 마음 (released)
A-Tract – A-Tract (September 7)
Ryan (Paran) – Ryan Learns To Love (September 8)
The Pulse – The Homing Instinct (September 8)
Daydream – 느리게 걷는 여행 (September 8)
Yeopo Vol. 1 – Dogmatic (September 8)
99 Anger Vol. 2 – 2 (September 9)
Sad Legend – The Revenge Of Soul (September 9)
Romantisco (mini-album) – Robotisco (September 9)
Telepathy Vol. 1 – Human Evolution (September 9)
Dive Into You – Dive Into You (September 9)
Kim Chang Wan Band Vol. 1 – Bus (September 10)
Playgirl – Playgirl’s 24 Hours (September 10)
Yeo Hoon Min (mini-album) – Pure & Love (September 11)
DJ Schedule Vol. 1 – I Am The Club (September 11)
Tasaebiae (mini-album) – 이 노래를 들으면 (September 11)
Kimcic – 산행 (September 11)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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