Too much unhealthy exposure of female singers these days?


Female singers have been seen becoming more bold and lascivious in their dressing on the stage lately.

From suggestive and provocative fashion designs worn on stage till
fashion malfunction and undesirable exposure during the course of the
choreography, all these have gone up to the top of news page of late.


Most recently, we have member HyunA of 4Minute was spotted wearing a
minidress too short for her comfort on stage. The dress kept going up
during her performance and she was seen constantly pulling it down.

There was even a video uploaded on Youtube on 19th September showing
all the different clips showing such exposure of HyunA during various

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HyunA’s representative came out to say after the incident,
“Underneath the skirt, she did wear safety shorts.” But netizens don’t
buy it, “The problem is the shortness of the dress, underwear or safety
shorts they are supposed to be worn underneath”, “This is really too
much for a young minor to have her under shorts exposed and wear such


And then previously, WonderGirls SoHee was also criticised for wearing
sleeveless and short hot pants during the group’s Bangkok concert.
Netizens have voiced then, “This is too wild for a high school girl”
etc. There was also this instance where SoHee had worn a minidress and
done a sexy dance performance, and netizens voiced again, “We hope that
singers of such tender age do not undergo too much exposure.”


Last month, on Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’, 2NE1 youngest member Gong MinJi (15)
was seen wearing a pair of leggings with prints of CareBears in
provocative position. This caused an outrage amongst TV viewers to see
such a young singer like MinJi wear such a fashion. Fellow member
Sandara Park was also seen wearing the same prints.


And last February, member ChaeRin (21) of Brand New Day experienced
a nipslip from the tube dress she was wearing while performing on KBS
Music Bank. Her company then came out to say, “There was no nipslip.
She wore underwear underneath, it only looked like she exposed her
chest.” Netizens have voiced out then, “Recently there has been no end
to exposure cases”, “Is this just noise marketing?” etc

There was also this incident where member DaHam of group Foxy also
experienced exposure of her chest when her bra strap came off during
the performance. After that, the incident was the #1 searched on Korean
portal sites.

Member Nam GyuRi of group SeeYa also experienced the same incident
during ‘Big4 Concert’ in 2006, and also singer solo Ayoomi during her
performance on one of the music shows.

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