New Albums and Singles Preview - 2009 October Week 1

MC Mong Vol. 5 (repackaged version) – Humanimal: Horror Show (October 6)

01 Intro
02 Indian Boy feat. Jang Geun Ee, Bj
03 Horror Show feat. Kang Ho Dong, Whale
04 I am…feat. Ivy
05 RoBanJulAh (Juliet’s Father Who is Against Romeo) feat. Simon
06 Even It Jinshil is In Heaven feat. Kim Hee Sun
07 Butterfly Effect feat. SG Wannabe
08 Words More Beautiful than Love feat. Sukhee
09 Dalmation Love
10 Lucky Man
11 Love Is
12 Love You To Death feat. Jo Sung Mo
13 Little Sunshine feat. Jung In
14 The Saddest Poem in the World feat. Mac
15 Luv D.N.A feat. Nabi
16 Hottrack feat. B.s
17 HoDong Show
18 Outro
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Mong, who had recently released his fifth studio album, has returned with
a repackaged version with the title track, “Horror Show.” Just from the
title, this concept is perfect for MC Mong. The song was composed and
penned by the artist himself and features comedian Kang Ho Dong and
electronica band W and Whale. The song has hip-hop beats with strong

Dynamic Duo Vol. 5 – Band Of Dynamic Brothers (October 7)

01 Prize Beyond One’s Reach feat. Dynamic Sinsa Rangers
02 Money Isn’t Everything feat. Kang San Ae
03 Toad House (One More Drink) feat 0cd
04 Don’t Need Change (Keep the Change) feat. Garie of Leesang, Bumky of Komplex
05 Rascal (Guilty)
06 Why Are You Leaving Already (Be My Brownie) feat. Bumky of Komplex
07 Biggestmasgicalvision
08 Fireworks
09 Sauna feat. E-sens of Supreme Team
10 Moonstruck feat. Simon D
11 Brothers (The Toong Bros) feat. Topbob of Komplex
12 Ugly
13 End (Apoptosis)
14 Spring Time feat. Kim C
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Duo, a pair that has made hits with every album release, is back with a 14-track
fifth album. Many famous artists have collaborated with the group such
as Kim C, Supreme Team, Leessang, and Komplex for this upcoming
release. If one were to explain the musical elements of this album, one
can say that there are less electronical elements and more instruments
and live recordings. There are also more drum and bass dance sounds
incorporated into the songs. One can hear singing rather than just pure
rap in songs such as “Rascal,” “Ugly,” “End” and “Toad House.”

Jaurim – Untitled Records (October 6)

01 Magnolia
02 Glitter
03 Dew
04 Screw (螺絲)
05 Lover In my Dreams
06 Hangover
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Jaurim ,who has been in the music industry since 1997 with the album
Purple Heart, has returned with an EP titled Untitled Records. It’s been
a year since their 7th album, Ruby Sapphire Diamond. This album has a
bit more darker sounds to it and like the title suggests, there is no
specific title track. Included in album are “Magnolia” and “Glitter,” two
tracks with English lyrics.

Lee Ssang Vol. 6 – Hexagonal (October 7)

01 Intro [Hexagonal] feat. Enzo.B
02 Let’s Meet Now feat. Jang Gi Hwa and Faces
03 Girl That Can’t Break Up, Guy that Can’t Leave feat. Jung In
04 Carousel feat. Lee Juk
05 Changing feat. Jung In
06 Broken-down Neighborhood feat. Lucid Fall
07 Workshop feat. Bizzy
08 Journey feat. Casker
09 Dying Freedom feat. Kim Bada
10 Skit – Penal Clauses
11 Fate feat. Malo
12 Canvas feat. Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo, Bizzy
13 Run feat. YB
14 To. Leessang
15 Skit – My Body Erased You
16 My Body Erased You feat. Enzo.B
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returns with their 6th album, Hexagonal with “real music,” consisting
of a total of 16 tracks. This is their first album release under Jungle
Entertainment, the same entertainment company Drunken Tiger and T (Yoon
Mirae) are under. Various artists have helped work on this album such
as Yoon Do Hyun (YB), Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo, Bizzy, Casker, and
Lucid Fall.

Hwantastic Project Vol. 2 (single) – Jo Kwan (2AM) & Whale: Dunk Shoot (released)

01 Dunk Shoot

Seung Hwan’s Hwantastic Project continues on with their second guest
artists, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and W&Whale’s Whale. The song is “Dunk Shoot,”
which was a hit song off of Lee Seung Hwan’s third album, My Story.
Whale’s comet-like vocals can be heard along with Jo Kwon’s.

Bae Chi Gi (single) – 367 (released)

01 Beautiful Woman feat. Nemo
02 Letter feat. Jung Eun
03 Beautiful Woman Inst
04 Letter Inst

known for their unique sounds has comeback with a new digital single
album, 367! Consisting of two tracks, it’s been one year and three
months since their third album. The first song is “Beautiful Woman” is of
the hip-hop genre with trendy boy beats and piano melodies. It features
the vocals of Miss S member, Nemo. The second song is Letter which has
both Korean hip-hop and beats from New Orleans; it features the vocals
of Jung Eun.

Other releases:

Sun Min (single) – Superwoman (released)
PK Heman (single) – Taste Of Love (released)
Kim Jong Min Vol. 1 – Open (October 6)
Icycider – Mr. Gibson (October 6)
Woongsan (Special Gift Album) – Miss Mister (October 6)
Naomi (mini-album) – Soul Child (October 7)
Kim So Yeon – God-g (October 8)
Shay – Dreaming (October 8)
SiwaRainbow – We Are Alltogether (October 8)
Espresso Vol. 1 – Grown Up (October 8)
Big Brotha – Big Mack (October 8)
Lady Collection 1st mini-album (October 8)
Kinetic Flow (single) – G-Day (October 8)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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