Artist of the week - Miss $
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Member: Oh Yu-mi
Date of birth: 7 June 1984
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Talent: Modern dance
Nickname: Cat
Favorite foods: Japanese and Korean food
Favorite musicians: Prince, Madonna, TLC
Celebrity friends: Rhymer, Mister Typhoon, Danny Ahn

Member: Tae Hye-young
Date of birth: 31 August 1985
Height: 162cm
Religion: Protestantism
Favorite food: Kimchi stew
Celebrity friend: Chunja

Member: Oh Sang Eun (Nemo)
Date of birth: 24th August 1984
Height: 159cm
Weight: 45kg
Talents: singing, piano
Favorite Singers: Mariah Carey, Park Hwayobi, Destiny’s Child, N-Sync

For our Soompi featured artist for this week, we have Miss $. They are possibly the first female hip-hop group that specializes in ballads. They started gaining popularity with their debut digital single last year “Don’t Cheat On Me” featuring Nam Gyu Ri. Originally a duo, they have added a new member, Nemo, who was previously in the girl group Shinvi. Miss $ belongs to the same music label as Vibe and Big Mama.

Member Tae Hye Young was the featured rapper on Wax’s ballad “Not Even A Call” earlier this year. The album titled is ‘Miss $ S class’ and has 12 tracks, including it’s track title “What Is Love”.

“What Is Love” is a sad song about a girl who cannot forget her lover after the ending of a relationship. It has a  powerful performance by Nemo and rap narration by Oh Yoo Mi and Tae Hye Young in which the rap and vocals harmonize well in this song.

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* Miss $ Diary (Single, 2008-11-18) : Don’t Cheat on Me, etc.
  Purchase this album
* Miss $ S Class (1st album, 2009-08-26)

사랑이 뭐길래 (What Is Love)  [Music Video]  [Performance]


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