KBS Music Bank – Kim TaeWoo is #1 for 2nd week


On KBS Music Bank today, male singer Kim TaeWoo won #1 for the 2nd week through with his comeback song ‘Love Rain’.

It was known that last week during the chuseok week, his song ‘Love Rain’ has gone up to the #1 spot on the chart even though the show was not aired.

He said, “This is my first #1 after G.O.D. I will like to dedicate this honor to fans who have shown love without fail these 10 years.”

Meanwhile, the highlights of the show today are:

* WheeSung’s comeback stage with ‘Trickling’
* Battle Kim TaeHwa’s debut stage with ‘Fallen Angel’
* Other hot performances by f(x), KARA, Lee Seung Gi, SHU-I, Park HyoShin etc

Still updating as the videos come in
Comeback/Debut stage

* Kim Tae Hwa‘Fallen Angel’

* T-ara and Supernova‘TTL (Time To Love)’

* Wheesung with ‘Jooreureuk

Other music stages

* f(x) with ‘LA chA tA’

* KARA with ‘Mister

* SHU-I with ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb’

* N.S YoonJi with ‘Headache’

* Bada with ‘Yes I Am In Love’

* Han Young with ‘Diet’

* Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’

* Gavy NJ with ‘In A Pallid State’ – Really love their live performance

* Lee Seung Gi with ‘Let’s Break Up’
* Jewelry with ‘Vari2ty’
* Park Hyo Shin with ‘After Love’
* TaeGoon with ‘Betrayed’
* Lee Hyun with ‘30 minutes ago’
* Naomi with ‘It’s Love’
* Hong Kyung Min with ‘I’m Happy’
* Tei with ‘Wicked Tongue’

* KARA Photobook

Other performing artists:
* Soo Ah
* Kim Jong Sok
* Yoo Seung Chan

Congratulations to Kim TaeWoo.. half expected T-nova to win..”

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