New Albums And Singles Preview – 2009 October Week 2

Wheesung Vol. 6 – Vocolate (released)

01 Over U
02 Love…That Virulent Disease
03 Rain Falling
04 Tears Flowing and Flowing
05 Rose
06 The Day Your Heart is Resting
07 Alone
08 Show Me Girl
09 One Kiss
10 Girls
11 I Love You…
12 Time Machine
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who has made hits after hits from “Must Not” to “Insomnia,” makes a
comeback with his 6th album, Vocolate before he starts his USA debut
activities. His American album will be produced by top producer, Rodney
Jerkins. Vocolate was produced by Wheesung himself and the title is a
play on the words vocal and chocolate. The songs included are of
various genres ranging from R&B, hip hop, electronic, ballads,
dance, to rock. The title track is “Rain Falling” which was composed and
penned by Wheesung himself. It is about a man who leaves his lover and
holds his tears, but to have raindrops fall on his face, making it look
like he is tearing up.

SNSD (single) – Chocolate Love (released)

01 Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Version)

and f(x) releases a digital single titled, “Chocolate Love”. The former
releases a song that shows off a sexy and womanly style. The song was
composed by the famous producer Bloodshy&Avant and penned by
Kenzie. The version f(x) sings was arranged by Yoo Young Jin and Yoo
Han Jin and listeners can hear Amber’s special rap.

T-Ara & Cho Shin Sung (single) – TTL Listen 2 (released)

01 TTL Listen 2

and Cho Shin Sung returns with the follow up song of “TTL Listen,”
titled, “TTL Listen 2.” Their first stage performance was at the
Dream Concert 2009. This 12-member group released the second version of
the song which has new lyrics, rap, as well as arrangements from the
first, bringing out a whole different club music style with a house
music feel.

Bada (single) – Yes I’m In Love (released)

01 Yes I’m In Love (feat. Taek Yeon)

top diva, Bada returns with a new sound, “Yes I’m In Love” followed by
her first single of the year, “Mad.” The song was composed by Kim Jin
Hwan who has done many works for artists such as SNSD, Yangpa, and Lyn.
The song has powerful rhythms and overpowering sounds. The song also
features 2PM’s Taecyeon rap which flows well with the rhythms of the

Byul (single) – I Can’t Remember (released)

01 I Can’t Remember
02 I Can’t Remember INST

top diva, Byul returns with the 2009 No.1 Diva’s Love project album.
She is to follow the works of Lee Soo Young and Hwayobi with the song,
I Can’t Remember. The song is fresh like mint candy which shows the
longing one feels after a breakup. Shinsadong Tiger who has composed
songs such as Jewelry’s Oops and 4minute’s I Won’t Give has composed
this song.

4tomorrow (single) (released)

01 Thump Thump Tomorrow

of After School, Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls, HyunA of 4Minute, and Han
Seung Yeon of Kara have come together to release a single titled
Tomorrow which is about giving energy to the young people out there who
are having hardships. The four girls will be cheering up the listeners!

Other releases:

Torpex – Hole In The Forest (released)
Ja Vol. 1 – 90 (released)
Rhymer (single) – Change Up (released)
Mina (single) – Doh Doh (released)
Park Hye Kyung (single) – Time After Time (released)
Shim Tai Kwon mini-album Vol. 1 – Happy Ending (October 12)
Lucite Tokki Vol. 2 – A Little Sparkle (October 13)
RB_Free Code Combination Vol. 1 – Hard Disk, Almost Forgotten (October 13)
Bipolar (Ep) Vol. 1 – W.A.Y (October 13)
Swallow Vol. 3 – IT (October 13)
Ali (mini-album) – After Love Has Gone (October 14)
Jung Doo Yun Vol. 4 – 희망 (October 15)
Vortex Vol. 2 – Trust (October 15)
Comma Vol. 1 – Beats Rhymes And Life (October 16)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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