New Drama “You’re Beautiful” Wins The Heart Of Many Viewers


New drama airing on Wednesdays and Thursday is the drama titled
You’re Beautiful.” Exactly what makes this drama catch attention of 
the viewers? It involves some eye candy faces, new faces, and a drama
plot that is bound to have some twists and turns. Don’t worry, KBites
be will highlighting these key features.

It’s only the second episode and many viewers are comparing the drama to other great dramas of this year like Boys Over Flowers and Shining Inheritance. The truth is …. the drama had already caused commotion when the stars were casted. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, Jung YongHwa, Uee, and Park ShinHye
had the netizens talking about “You’re Beautiful” being the next idol /
new faces drama. Primmadonnas were already marking their calendars with
the new of the angel voice, Lee HongKi, being casted.


1) Drama Plot

On the 7th of October, the drama aired starting off the drama at a fairly high percentage of viewers. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, and Jung YongHwa are members of the famous Korean boy band A.N.JELL. Park ShinHye
is asked to join this boy band for her twin brother, and she joins the
band dressed as a male. This already had the netizens talking about the
male-acting of ShinHye would be the next Yoon EunHye and her role in the drama Coffee Prince.

Then, the second episode that was aired, with display of the connection of the band members with Jung YongHwa showing his interests for ShinHye, HongKi questioning the identity of ShinHye, and lastly GeunSuk’s dislike toward ShinHye.
Nothing is set in stone as the ending of the second episode leaves the
viewers to question if any of the band members had found out that ShinHye had actually been a girl in the band.


2) New Faces / Fresh Faces

Another reason for the attention toward the drama are the new and
welcomed faces that attracts many attention from the viewers. In
particular, Jang GeunSuk and Lee HongKi were all returning member to the screen. HongKi, along with ShinHye had also attracted attention with their high quality acting that was present in the first two episodes. Newest face, JungYongHwa, was even considered the next rising star with his cute and charming looks. Uee,
who had acted before in the drama “Queen SeonDeok” attracts attention
from the viewers with the kind of acting that she would bring on to the
screen. Here are some character highlights:

  • Hwang TaeKyeong (Jang GeunSuk)
    Highly sensitive, clean-freak, and arrogant character present in the
    band A.N.JELL. He is the type of guy that is tiring to be with all the
    time. However, inside his perfect shell, is the sweet image of the kid
    who had been rejected all along.
  • Ko MiNam / MiNuh (Park ShinHye)
    The 4-D character that lacks both communication and social skills.
    Living and seeing only the good sides of the world, she is a naive
    character. She has no sense of thinking before she acts and imagines
    the worst case scenario for everything.

  • Jeremy (Lee HongKi)
    The rich and famous character from England with such a positive
    attitude. He is also the center of the balance between his members.
    With his smile all is forgiven and is the member that shows off the
    most fan service.

  • Kang ShinWoo (Jung YongHwa)
    Different from his luxurious image, in real life he is a
    expression-less and feeling-less character. He is basically careless
    about things around him. He has a big ambition and been living his life
    with a sharp eye for everything.

  • U HyeEe (Uee)
    Nation’s sister and fairy. All her life she had been loved by
    everyone. She is known for her sweet smiles, but the truth is that she
    has a side of her that is evil and dark. She shows interests for
    TaeKyeong and plays a big role in messing around with MiNam when she
    finds out she had been a girl all along.


3) Popular Trends
“Boys Over Flowers” left the screen with the perfect image of F4 and
the trends of F4. “You’re Beautiful” as well started to make impacts of
the society with nick names, famous lines, and new scenes.

  • “Towel Man” Jung YongHwa

In episode two, there had been the scene where Park ShinHye is standing frozen in the locker room with “naked” guys surrounding her. Her ticket out is YongHwa
as he says his famous lines “I can’t shower if you are here” along with
the toss of the towel on her head. This scene gained popularity as he
became known as “towel man” and soon after in Korea, kids started to
joke around by repeating his lines and throwing towels on each others’


  • “Sexy” Lee HongKi / Jang GeunSuk

Primmadonnas started passing out when they saw Lee HongKi shirt less already 2 times throughout the drama. Also, Jang GeunSuk’s
shower scene showed his skinny, slim figure. Even though they don’t have
the six-pack abs present, their slim body figure is attracting
attention as it is making its way as the most searched searches.



Ji Youn : Gahhh loving this drama. Can’t wait for this week’s episodes!

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