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Name : Tablo (real name: Lee Sun-woong)
Date of birth : Jul. 22, 1980
Hobbies : Reading, doodling, thinking up conspiracy theories
Talent : Funky night dance
Favorite things : Rock music, drawing, freedom, New York, Darth Vader
Least favorite things : Ignorance
Favorite food : Strawberry
Favorite color : Blue
Personality : Romantic
Favorite musicians : Nell, Kim Tae-woo, Marvin Gaye, Loveholic
Education : B.A. & M.A. in English literature and creative writing, Stanford U.

Name : Mithra Jin (real name: Choi Jin)
Date of birth : Jan. 6, 1983
Hobbies : Playing games, collecting comic books, scaring little children
Talents : Ball games, trimming beard
Future plans : Architect, storybook writer
Favorite things : Computer, new game software, comic books

Name : DJ Tukutz (real name: Kim Jeong-shik)
Date of birth : Nov. 19, 1981
Hobbies : Watching movies, thinking, web surfing
Talents : Parking cars, cussing, scuba diving
Ideal type : Sexy woman
Future plan : World domination
Favorite things : Alcohol, clothes, shoes, Soho streets, Jedi, Shibuya in Japan

For this week, we have the hip hop group Epik High. They are also known as one of the most prominent artists in the 21st century. Their concise, yet powerful rap is the perfect vessel for the rhyming lyrics with a heavy dose of their unique, quirky philosophy. Their thoughtful reflections on social and historical events compel the audience to ponder about the meaning of life and social relationships. Another merit of their music is the balanced integration with other music genres, resulting in Epik High’s incomparable signature music style.

The trio’s musical talent has drawn attention from not only noted Korean musicians, but also from foreign artists, which led to the participation of Japanese vocalist Emi Hinouchi in their fourth album. Their latest album showcases these three young men’s progressive ideas, delicate souls, and musical passion. What makes Epik High so special is that they preserve their musical integrity without sacrificing their closeness with the general public.

They started to become a mainstream hit after their third album on 2006 and have not lost momentum since then. After releasing the fifth album and the first mini-album with Woolim Entertainment. They left the company and founded MapTheSoul, an independent record label. Being in complete control, they were able to venture into various type of marketing and promotions to reach out more to fans. They also sold their special album through their website and on Itunes.

On September 19, 2009, Epik High’s sixth album, titled [e] was released and was a hit. The album contained 2 CDs and a mini book. They stopped promotion of this album on October 10 due to DJ Tukutz marriage and military enlistment the next week.

The remaining two members will continue to produce and compose music until DJ Tukutz returns in two years. They will not perform as two people and will wait for DJ Tukutz to be on stage as a complete group again.

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* Map of the Human Soul (1st album, 2004-01-19) : Go, I Remember, Ask Heaven, lesson One, Street Lovin’, Love Song, Free Love, Get High, etc.

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* High Society (2nd album, 2004-07-26) : Good Morning, High Skool, The Sunrise Interlude, Lesson 2, The Basics, Lady, Daydream, Open M.I.C., etc.

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* Swan Songs (3rd album, 2005-10-04) : Innisfree, Yesterday, Lesson 3, Fly, Funkdamental, Ride, Follow the Flow, Paris, Let It Rain, Swan Song, etc.

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* Remapping the Human Soul (4th album, 2007-01-23) : Mr. Doctor, Runaway, Exile, Still Life, Nocturne, In Peace, Slave Song, Flow, Fan, etc.

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* Pieces, Part One (5th album, 2008-04-17) : Breakdown, One, Girl, The Future, Ignition, Eight by Eight, Umbrella, Your Pieces, Falling Flowers, etc.
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* Love Scream (Mini album, 2008-09-30)

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* Epik High X Planet Shiver – Remixing The Human Soul (Remix, 2009-07-22)

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* [e] (6th album, 2009-09-16)

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Source from: KBS World + Melon/YahooKR/Daum + Youtube/Yesasia
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