Upcoming Movie 'Into The White Night'

With the theatrical release approaching for dark thriller film Into the White Night (aka Baekyahaeng: Walk Into the White Night), the production held a press conference on the morning of October 21 in Seoul. In attendance were the movie’s two lead stars, Sohn Ye-jin (Open City) and Go Soo. For the latter, this marks his first screen role since his pre-military drama Marrying a Millionaire back in 2005.

I’ve definitely been anticipating this movie, not (only) because Go
Soo finally returns to acting, but because the story sounds wonderfully
dark and tense, and the trailer (watch here) looks great.

Into the White Night is based on a Japanese novel about two
young people whose terrible past hides the fact that as teenagers, they
killed each other’s parents. They go into hiding for fourteen years
until the statute of limitations expires on their crime, and their love
remains strong even as their lives take separate paths — she into the
light, he into the shadows. The detective who heads the reinvestigation
of the old murder case is, interestingly enough, described as “being
uniquely able to understand the dark, sad fate of these two.”

Asked about her choice in taking provocative recent roles, Sohn
Ye-jin answered, “I’m not worried about being stuck with a provocative
image.” She explained, “I’ve done a lot of melodramas, so for a while I
took on mostly ladylike characters, but at some point I started taking
on comic characters, divorced women, and adulterers. I think that’s why
a lot of people think I’ve changed my image, but when I choose a
project, I don’t think that’s important.”

She continued, “Actors have to be seen as the character within the
film, so I don’t worry that the role may get me stuck with a
provocative image. I’ve never thought that people may misunderstand me
because of that image.”

Go Soo answered questions of how he felt about his long hiatus,
saying that there were times he thought of extending his break even
more, so he didn’t feel it was that long. He reasoned, “The time of
film production was long, but my acting career hadn’t stopped.”

Regarding the many hoobae (younger) actors now in action, he said,
“There are many good-looking and hard-working people out now, so it
makes me think that I’d better work hard and not be lazy.”

The film is a mystery thriller and also features Han Seok-kyu (Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth) and Lee Min-jung (Smile). Into the White Night opens on November 19.

Below, stars Sohn Ye-jin and Go Soo attend the press conference with co-star Han Seok-kyu and director Park Shin-woo.


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