'Angel’s Temptation' scheduling experiment disappointing

After several dramas fell to Queen Seon-deok’s Monday-Tuesday domination over the past several months, SBS tried to experiment with its scheduling in order to protect its new Monday-Tuesday series Angel’s Temptation. It therefore shuffled its broadcast schedule to air Angel’s Temptation
at a time where it would be unchallenged by drama competition from the
other stations. (10pm is traditionally the prime-time drama hour, and Angel’s Temptation was the first prime-time miniseries to air in the 9pm hour instead.)

However, two weeks in, the experiment has provided middling results,
with its first three episodes drawing 10.3%, 11%, and 11.3%,
respectively. These are not awful numbers for a prime-time show, but
when considering that it had no competition, the results are quite
disappointing, and there is reportedly a high probability that the 9pm
trial will die here. Adding to the letdown is the fact that Angel’s Temptation had been hoping to recreate the sweeping success of the over-40% ratings brought in by its predecessor, Wife’s Temptation. (Angel isn’t a real sequel, but the plot is similar and it comes from the same writer-director pairing.)

SBS had made the move to avoid losing another drama to Seon-deok, after Ja Myung Go and Dream
both brought in ratings around and below the 5% mark. An SBS rep
explained that they made the move to offer “a variety of choices” to
viewers, but at the root of the issue was their desire to avoid Queen Seon-deok.

Since Angel’s Temptation is still early in its run, it is
premature to decree the move a definite success or failure, but because
the trial has been unimpressive thus far, those involved with the
following drama, medical sageuk Jejoongwon, have
openly stated that they are confident they will be airing back in the
10pm slot. SBS’s drama department is hedging their bets by saying, “The
schedule can change at any time.”

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