New albums and singles preview - 2009 October week 4

FT Island – Double Date (October 26)

01 Lie
02 Love Must’ve Come
03 A Song For You
04 Bing Bing Bing
05 I Hope
06 Ugly Pretty
07 Angel and the Woodcutter
08 Meet Girl
09 Marry Me
10 Even If It’s Not for Sure
11 Know By First Sight
12 Sending Away
13 Fool
14 Don’t Know Other’s Heart

01 Love Letter
02 Far Away
03 Try Pinching Me

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Island returns to the music scene this fall with two images. This new
album includes the repackage album along with songs from FT Island’s
unit group, FT Triple. The first part of the album is the repackaged
album (One Date) which includes the songs from their third album along
with three new songs. “Lie”, which was recently released as a digital
single, has already gained much popularity among fans. It is a sad love
story about not being able to forget a past lover. The second part of
the album (Two Date) is by the subgroup FT Triple which consists of
Choi Jong Hun, Lee Jae Jin, and Choi Min Hwan. The group has also come
up with three new songs. The title track is Love Letter which is being
worried about a lover that has left.

Hwan Hee 1st mini-album – H Soul (released)

01 Dropped My Heart
02 Bring It Back
03 Late Confession
04 Getting Down
05 My Breakup Time is Going Backwards
06 Everyday
07 Dropped My Heart (Inst)

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Fly to the Sky celebrated their ten year anniversary, member Hwanhee
has returned with his first solo album, titled H Soul. Hwanhee produced
the album himself which has a total of seven tracks. The title track is
“Dropped My Heart” which showcases his soulful voice which flows with
electronica house sounds. Other songs included in the album are R&B
ballad, Everyday and dance track, “Getting Down.”

Andy Vol. 2 – Single Man (October 28)

01 Intro
02 Single Man
03 Only You
04 It’s Ok
05 Your Luv
06 Stop By Love
07 It Can Only Be You
08 To My Love (for my fans)
09 One Sided Love
10 Single Man (Inst)

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has come back after a year and ten months with his second studio album,
changing from his ‘sweet guy’ image to a manlier one, with new music
and image changes. The title track is “Single Man” which is based on a
true story. It is a dance track with trendy electronic sounds. This
song was selected from various demo tracks which will showcase his new

Lyn Vol. 6.5 – New Celebration (October 27)

01 New Celebration (feat. Dokki)
02 Noona’s Song (feat. e.via)
03 True Story
04 Love U (I Love U)
05 Conversation Connection Sound
06 True Story (New Edit Inst)

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returns to the music scene this October with her 6.5 album. This past
January, she had released her past single, “Love…It’s All Lies”, where
she had received much love. Her new album consists of two parts, the
first one including five new tracks. There are two title tracks, “True
Story” and “New Celebration.” The former one is a ballad number which
showcased Lyn’s famous sad vocals. The later track is a dance number
which showcases yet another side of the singer.

Lee Seung Hwan – Hwantastic Friends: 20th Anniversary (October 27)

01 My Fair Lady (feat. Seo Woo) (Lee Seung Hwan/Seo Woo)
02 Good Day 2 (Lee Seung Hwan)
03 Heart Sickness (Outsider/MC Sniper with Horan)
04 Love As Much as a Broken World (Clazziquai Project)
05체념을 위한 미련 (Yoon Gun/Lee Haneul/Tiger JK/ Sean2Slow/ Verbal Jint/J-Kwondo from 45RPM)
06 Me Watching Myself (Yoo Hee Chul/Kim Jong Wan from Nell)
07 Dunk Shoot (Jo Kwon/Whale)
08 Empty Heart (Winter Play)
09 On Christmas (Windy City)
10 Red Camel (Pia/Yoon Do Hyun/Kim Jin Pyo/Lee Sung Woo from No Brain)

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one were to pick one musician to listen to for the rest of one’s life,
it would be no other than Lee Seung Hwan. In celebration for his 20
years in the music industry, Lee Seung Hwan has released a special
album with fellow musician friends. Various artists have taken part in
this album including Yoo Hee Yul, Tiger, JK, Kim Jong Wan (Nell), MC
Sniper, Outsider, Alex, Horan, and much more. There has already been a
couple songs released from this album, which has previously been
released as Hwantastic Project singles. There are a total of ten tracks
in this album.

Mighty Mouth (single) – Smile (released)

01 Smile (feat. In Sooni)
02 Real Man
03 Smile (Inst)
04 Real Man (Inst)

Mouth makes a comeback this fall with the ‘smile virus’ with a new
single, Smile, which consists of two new songs. The title track is
“Smile” is a Euro House dance number. It has some 90s rap dance
sounds bringing out trendy sounds. Veteran singer, In Sooni is also
featured in the song. The other song is Real Man which has very catchy
sounds. It incorporates drums and the synthesizer with mainstream
hip-hop beats.

Shin Seung Hoon – Love Of Iris (released)

01 Love of Iris

representative singer songwriter, Shin Seung Hoon takes part in the
soundtrack for the drama, IRIS, which revolves around action, betrayal,
and romance, with ballad track, Love of Iris. The song will be used to
express Hyun Jun (Lee Byung Hyun) and Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee)’s love

Other releases:

Goofy – Sad Orchestra (released)
Noh Ho Hyun Vol. 2 – Second Episode (released)
Shin Yoon Mi – Sweet Memories (released)
Rossy Punky Perfume – Cozy Rossy Mini (released)
One Two (single) – Bad Woman II (released)
Vodka Rain (mini-album) – 이분쉼범 (October 26)
Began Who – City Life (October 26)
Verbal Jint – The Good Die Young (October 26)
Suh Young Eun Vol. 8 – Rainbow (October 27)
December (mini-album) – Dear My Lover (October 27)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
translations credit to motoway065

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