4minute – What A Girl Wants Full MV

After the release of last week’s teaser for 4minute’s second MV from their album “MUZIK”, fans have finally gotten the full version.

Following the progress of 4minute’s music career since debut earlier this year has certainly been interesting, one can argue that every new MV they change their style and look. While some may argue that is a bad attribute, I see it rather differently. As I see it, it shows off 4minute’s versatility.

When 4minute debuted this year with the track “Hot Issue”, the group had a semi cutesy image which was also combined with an aggressive look, such as the one which they showed with the MV for “Muzik”. This time however the group is taking a less aggressive look, almost cutesy. It’s not the same cutesy image that floods off groups such as Girls’ Generation, but a cutesy look nevertheless.

The biggest style change is that of Jeon Jiyoon, who now sports a nice bowl cut and some cutesy glasses. While it certainly drawn attention, it has also generated some friction between 4minute fans and F(x) fans, who claim that Jiyoon is copying Amber from f(x).

Fan’s will not be disappointed with this MV, as the concept works and perfectly fits the song. At debut I wasn’t a fan of 4minute, however, I can safely say I am now.

Video: 4minute “What A Girl Wants” MV