New albums and singles preview – 2009 November week 4

Maya – Retro & Ever (December 3)

01 SeoShi
02 Millennium Love
03 Proud
04 Already a Sad Love
05 It’s Only My World
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returned to the music scene after a year and six months with her
digital single, “Proud.” Along with “Proud” she added three emotional
ballads for this mini album. All three ballads were hit songs from the
90s. “Already Sad Love” was by a idol rock group, Yada and “SeoShi” was
sung by Shin Seung Woo. Maya was able to put her own rock ballad twist
into these past hit songs.

MC Sniper Vol. 5 – Museum (released)

01 Magic Flow (Intro) Play
02 Magic Castle
03 Farewell Forest
04 Kangnam NB
05 Putting Down
06 Historic (In KangReung)
07 In Busan (feat. Tae Wan)
08 Nine Code (feat. Lucifer)
09 I Didn’t Know Love Could Change So Easily
10 Wind
11 I Wander
12 Life Records (feat. MC BK & Mr.Room9)
13 Scent of the Chrysanthemum
14 4 You (Acoustic Version)

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Sniper’s long anticipated 5th album revolves around the concept of
love. He produced and wrote the lyrics based on this own experiences on
love. MC Sniper also has solid collaborations featuring including Rain’s producer, Tae
Wan along with Lucifer, MC BK, and Mr. Room9.

Various Artists (single) – Winter Line (released)

01 Christmas Alone (With Navi)
02 White Winter (feat. As One, Narr. Lee Joon(Solid))

of the music industry come together to keep listeners warm from the
cold winter. From the Winter Line series first release, Navi, Alex,
Mighty Mouth, As One, Lee Joon and Bizmoz join hands.

Other releases:

Yoo Sung – Cherish (released)
X Girlz – X World (released)
Nassun (single) – Rap Zombie (released)
Kim Chul Yeon Vol. 1 – Funky Funky (November 30)
Dopesun & Logicx – The Chameleon (December 3)
Art Of Parties – Art Of Parties: Shot (December 3)
Cloud Dancer – Here I Am (December 3)
G-Slow Vol. 1 – High Frequency (December 3)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to suejinners for translations

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