Where Was SHINee’s Minho?


SHINee MinHo was absent for the group’s performance on MBC Music Core on December 5.

After fellow member Taemin re-joined the group for their
performance of “Ring Ding Dong” December 5, it would have been the first time in a while for fans to see the group perform as 5 members.

The reason for MinHo’s absence is that he was in
Canada Vancouver for the filming of KBS “Dream Team Season 2” special
episode on the 21st Winter Olympics, which is set to happen next
February. He will be in Canada for 9 days and 7 nights.

There are 8 members present for the filming of this special episode
including Lee Sang In, Danny Ahn, Song Joong Gi and Run. The episode will
air from the first week of 2010.


Here are some fancams of Minho

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